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Yoga in the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site | MARIA PAULA MEDINA

Yoga in the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site | MARIA PAULA MEDINA

Maria Paula Medina

Yoga is a well-known oriental spiritual discipline that for uears is enjoying an extraordinary success even in the Western world: just surching the Net it is very easy indeed to find dozens of different holiday offers which include a stay in one of the many tourist resorts in combination with a Yoga course; the benefits deriving from a relaxing vacation add up to the precious precepts taught by professional Yoga Teachers, allowing the guests to take care to 360 degrees of body and mind while enjoying a marvellous and original holiday.  

This lucky kind of holiday packages is present also in the Agordino area: the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site present themselves as the ideal place in which to practice this amazing Eastern discipline: the beauty of the landscapes, the calm and tranquility of our valleys and the predominance of nature on the work of man make the Dolomites one of the most suitable and recommended place on Earth in which to focus on the well-being of mind and body through the Yoga precepts.


 In the Agordino area you’ll find many people providing Yoga lessons, but the most interesting one is definitely Maria Paula Medina: Paula is a young and pleasant Argentinian girl, born in 1983, that for a long time has left her home overseas in order to live as a Yoga teacher, or rather a Flow Yoga teacher, in the Dolomites, chasing her passion for teaching and love for the mountains and for sport. Yoga has always played a key role in Paula’s life; she became interested very young to the matter and became professional teacher at the age of only 27 after a hard training in South America and Europe; she eventually decided to live in her nice little house in the Biois Valley, in the heart of the Dolomites, where she teaches her favourite subject, that is Flow Yoga, to those who want it.

Yoga nelle Dolomiti

According to Paula, Yoga is not something that can be described in words: the sole comprehension of this discipline derives from the practice and from the proximity to a skilled person that can correctly transmit the teaching. As she herself says:

“At the same time, Yoga is not a solution to one’s problems, but rather a method of searching for the solutions to one’s problems; Yoga has to be practiced outside, in contact the with wind, the silence of the mountains, the freshness of clean air and green meadows, the sound of waves, the soft sand of the sea: Yoga let us re-discover what we already know to be real, but a  t a deeper level.


Nature is pure vital energy and, thanks to the Flow Yoga, it invites us to return to our natural biological rhythm, to the most essential stage of our existance. The ancient Yiogi (Yoga practitioners) teach that life is characterized by its ability to attract the prana, to accumulate it and to transform it. Vital energy or prana, that we can find also in the natural world, is a clean energy that helps us to renewing our cells and to calm the mind. We do love to feel the heat of the sun on our skin, to breath fresh mountain air, to hear the sound of the water or to smell the scent of a flower because these activities recharge our energy and give us a state of wellbeing. Furthermore, nature helps us to experiment the connection with the whole universe, with everything, and to percepire the communion of our body, our mind and the surrounding environment.


We are part of a great system that needs us in order to maintain its balance. By staying outside, the way of the Hatha Yoga (the Body Way) becomes more perceivable and in this way we are able to feel the asana (the postures) and to regulate our breath while searching for the balance between mind and the rhytm of the body. This allows participants to enter a new state of consciousness, the one that allow us to obtain the ability to be.



 Paula has an remarkably rich curriculum full of conferences, private and group lessons, holiday packages and Yoga retreats in the world’s most suggestive resorts. If you’d like to try a Yoga lesson during your vacation in the Dolomites, or if you are already expert of this matter and you just want to take advantage of this opportunity during your relaxing holiday in the Dolomites, Paula is definitely the right person for you; always cheerful and helpful, Paula will certain meet your needs and offer you a wide choice of activities. Don’t forget to take a look at Paula’s website at the link below – Everyone’s invited!

How to contact Paula:

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