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agordinodolomiti.itagordinodolomiti.it is a low-budget tourism promotion project created by a motivated group of young Agordino people, all of which under 30 years old, with the aim to promote the knowledge of this area with first-hand information produced by those who live in this place 365 days a year; among us there are students, workers in the most diverse sectors, graduates looking for their first job and mountain enthusiasts, united by the passion for the Agordino and the desire to share their experiences and knowledge. We hope that agordinodolomiti.it will be able to give to our Guests all the necessary information and ideas in order to visit our area, the Agordino, Heart of the Dolomites, not only in its most famous resorts but also in the lesser known ones which can be also fascinating in terms of nature, history and culture; this blog aims not to be a handbook for tourists or a classic information portal but a container for our experiences that we’d like to share with our visitors. We hope that our Guests will find it interesting and maybe that they will discover something new about the Agordino and the Dolomites thanks to it.


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