Festa de l'Om Salvarech 2021 | La Valle Agordina | Dolomites UNESCO

Agordino DolomitiFesta de l’Om Salvàrech 2021

 La Valle Agordina | Dolomites UNESCO



The Pro Loco La Valle Agordina, in collaborino with the volunteers of the local Tourism Associations and the Municipality of La Valle Agordina, is pleased to invite all the guests of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site to the 2021 edition of the Festa de l’Om Salvarech, a day dedicated to the celebration of this popular character of the dolomitic tradition with tastings of local products, a colorful party, entertainment for the whole family and much more, everything surrounded by the beautiful natural context of the Dolomites of the Conca Agordina in the Heart of the Dolomites. 


The Festa de l’Om Salvarech 2021, will take place in La Valle Agordina in the festival area of the hamlet of Conaggia (nearby the municipal sporting areas) with a rich program of activities for the whole family  – Everyone’s invited!




Tourist Information Office:

Pro Loco La Valle Agordina
Tel. +39 437 63928
E-mail: prolocolavalleagordina@gmail.com

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