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InDolomites has some exciting news for 2016 summer season. Two all-inclusive packages addressed to all trekking lovers that wants to explore Dolomites Unesco Natural World Heritage.

The first one is the crossing of Altopiano delle Pale di San Martino, one of the highest upland in Europe, surrounded by the Peaks of le Pale that create a lunar landscape. The journey starts in San Martino di Castrozza, goes across Viaz del Bus and Orrido delle Comelle and ends in the beautiful Val di Gares.

Pale di San Martino

Le Pale di San Martino

The second premium deal, is the most exciting one. Visit “El Cor” (“the heart” in the local language) an heart shaped stone window, the real Heart of The Dolomites. See by yourself this wonder of the nature is an experience that has to be done once in a lifetime.

El Cor Dolomiti Taibon

“El Cor”

InDolomites Summer 2016 premium deals:

  • Le Pale di San Martino crossing: €100 per person (a minimum of 4 people is required) including: qualified alpine guide, lift tickets, taxi transfer.

  • El Cor: €110 per person (a minimum of 3 people is required) including: qualified Alpine Guide, roundtrip transfer with offroad veichle.

agosto 2016 indolomites

Info and booking:

Marco Bergamo | Alpine Guide InDolomites

Phone: 3397003447


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