"Carlo Delcroix" Great War Multimedia Center

Agordino Dolomiti

The “Carlo Delcroix” Multimedia Center is a cultural and historical exhibition place housed in the same building of the Tourist Information Office of the Consorzio Operatori Turistici (COT) Marmolada in the suggestive hamlet of Sottoguda in the Municipality of Rocca Pietore Marmolada.

The Delcroix Multimedia Center in Sottoguda was realized in recent times through public contribution and it focuses the visitors’ attention on the events related to the Great War 1915-18 which, as you may know, was fought for a long time (from 1915 to November 1917) on the Marmolada Glacier, this means right in this place, with more than 15,000 dead soldiers: the Marmolada was indeed in that period the battlefield between the armies of the Reign of Italy and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, and the front of the Dolomites was known at that time as the “Linea Gialla” (the Yellow Line). With the Great War on the Marmolada, for the first time in human warfare, war reached the 3000 meters of altitude of the Queen of the Dolomites.

The Delcroix Multimedia Center, in addition to the well-known Great War Museum on the Marmolada at Punta Serauta cable car station and to the Great War Museum on Passo Fedaia, testifies to posterity the sad history of the Great War and the consequent need to put peoples in contact and to overcome language and cultural barriers in order to prevent similar incidents to occur again in the future. Unlike the other exhibits and museums on the Great War, that focuses mostly on war finds, the Delcroix Multimedia Center presents the personal stories of the soldiers involved in the Great War (both on the Italian and on the Austrian-Hungarian sides) through the analysis of personal objects, letters, most intimate and daily aspects and fears of the young people sent to die on the Marmolada: the Multimedia Center of Sottoguda is dedicated exactly to one of these young man, the Italian veteran and Member of Parliament Carlo Delcroix (1896 – 1977) which during an attack on the Marmolada in 1917 lost both his hands and eyes on the battlefield and became after the Great War a symbol of the barbarism of war.

The Delcroix Multimedia Center is equipped with monitors, touch screen displays and information boards that explain and present to visitors the contents of the museum; a visit to the Delcroix Multimedia Center in Sottoguda can be therefore an interesting experience also for children.

The Delcroix Multimedia Center of Rocca Pietore is open usually in summer (and it is usually closed in winter) and free of charge for all the guests of the Marmolada; even if it is free, guests need to pick up the free ticket from the Tourist Office in the same building before entering the museum. For further information, please contact the COT Marmolada (you’ll find contacts here below) – We wait for you!


Consorzio Operatori Turistici Marmolada Phone: +39 0437 722277 E-mail: info@marmolada.com

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