San Lucano Valley


Agordino Dolomiti

The San Lucano Valley [Valle di San Lucano] is a splendid natural oasis, scarcely populated and almost untouched, located in the Municipality of Taibon Agordino in the heart of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site; the San Lucano Valley extends from the village of Taibon to the hamlet of Col at the foot of the San Martino Plateau for almost 7 kilometers along the Tegnas River.


The San Lucano Valley with Mount Agner and Mount Pale di San Lucano

The most interesting feature of this place is definitely the verticality of the steep walls of Mount Agner (2872 m) and Mount Pale di San Lucano (2406 m) [3rd of the 9 official systems of the Dolomites recognized and protected by the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation] that surround the San Lucano Valley: the northern wall of Mount Agner that overlooks the San Lucano Valley is indeed the longest vertical wall of the Dolomites (1600 meters of vertical drop) and the second longest wall of the whole Alps, which makes it the ideal place for the practice of wingsuit flying.


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