Cascata delle Comelle, Orrido delle Comelle and Pian delle Comelle (Dolomites)

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Orrido delle Comelle & Pian delle Comelle

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In our section dedicated to the Natural attractions of the Agordino area we couldn’t miss to mention also the two marvellous Comelle Waterfalls, the impressive natural canyon of the Orrido delle Comelle and the spectacular Pian delle Comelle, three hinghly suggestive and easily accessible natural treasures of the Valle di Gares, in the territory of the Municipality of  Canale d’Agordo (Province of Belluno, Veneto Region). These three attractions are included into the context of the 3rd of the 9 official Dolomites UNESCO Systems, which is the Pale di San Martino, San Lucano, Vette Feltrina and Dolomiti Belluensi.


The first Comelle Waterfall is reachable with a 10-minute walk from Pian de le Giare, the ample valley floor close to the Restaurant Capanna Cima Comelle. This first waterfall is easily accessible for practically each kind of guest with little effort. Continuing on the CAI Path 704, visitors reach also the second, highest Comelle Waterfall; this second attraction is a little bit further than the first one but the altitude gap is limited and not particularly challenging. The second waterfall is definitely the most suggestive among the two, here below a picture of it.

Cascata delle Comelle a Gares

Cascata delle Comelle (the highest one)

The Orrido delle Comelle is an unbelievable natural canyon located on the top of the second Comelle Waterfall and accessible always through the CAI Path 704. The steep walls of this canyon and the asperity of the view in this place make the Orrido one of the most striking attractions of the Gares Valley. Since the path is equipped in this section with metal ropes and some tricky passage, the Orrido delle Comete is suitable for guests with familiarity with mountain excursions and mountain environment rather than beginners or families with small children or pets. As usual, if you’re not experienced but you’d like to visit this place anyway, hiring a good Mountain Guide could really make the difference.

Orrido delle Comelle

Orrido delle Comelle

After the Orrido, the CAI PAth 704 leads guests to the marvellous and spectacular Pian delle Comelle, an ample glacial valley surrounded in every direction by the imposting peaks of the Pale di San Martino. From here, excursionists with good physical preparation can face the Viaz del Bus, one of the most beloved hiking ring excursions of the Valle di Gares.

If you’re staying in Val Biois and you’re looking for some natural, breathtaking view to be enjoyed with little effort, this section of the Dolomites is definitely one we suggest you to go to. As usual, safety must be the first priority when going to the mountains, so always remember to gather information and pieces of advice before tour ing in the heights and keep the hiring of a mountain professional in consideration.


Pian delle Comelle

Pian delle Comelle

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