Cross-Country Skiing

Agordino Dolomiti

Nordic Skiing in the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site

The Agordino boasts a very long tradition for the Nordic Skiing with decades of professional and Olympic athletes that have won the highest and most renowned international prizes in this discipline: Franco Manfroi (bronze medal at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 1966, 2 gold medals at the Italian Nordic Ski Championship), Pietro Scola, Magda Genuin, Fulvio Scola and many others. It is no coincidence then that in this place there are plenty of facilities dedicated to Cross-Country Skiing and many young people (and some not-so-young enthusiasts) who practice this fascinating winter discipline of concentration and endurance. In the Agordino area, Nordic Skiing is practiced in the Gares Valley (Municipality of Canale d’Agordo) at the “Franco Manfroi” Cross-Country Ski Center, in Falcade at the “Pietro Scola” Cross-Country Ski Center, in Selva di Cadore at the Peronaz Cross-Country Ski Center, in Alleghe and Rocca Pietore at the cross-country ski track Alleghe – Santa Maria delle Grazie and in Malga Ciapela; furthermore, in the neighboring Val di Zoldo (reachable from Agordo and Selva di Cadore) there’s the widest Biathlon Center of the Veneto Region, the “Pompeo Fattor” Biathlon Center.

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