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Nordic Walking in Agordino

The Well-Being of Nordic Walking in the Heart of the Dolomites




Nordic Walking is a rather recent summer sport, inspired by Nordic skiing: it consists in a regular and rhythmic walk in which the athlete combines the use of special poles, similar to those used by Nordic ski athletes, to a certain walking cadence. The first and most obvious advantage of a constant practice of Nordic Walking derives from the fact that, helping in the progression with the poles, are directly involved in physical activity also the muscles of the upper body, generating a greater use of energy and a greater development of the muscles of the chest, arms, biceps and back.


Nordic Walking has been a huge success in mountain resorts for several seasons now, also because of the ease with which you can approach this sport: simply with a pair of sticks and a pair of suitable shoes, anyone can try their hand at Nordic Walking, facing routes based on their skills and their level of training. Age, sex, physical predisposition and weight are marginal factors: anyone can approach the Nordic Walk.

Obviously, Nordic Walking is a discipline that has been the subject of extensive studies and many publications in recent years, the practice of Nordic Walking without respecting the precepts of the discipline (attention to movements, synchronization, rhythm of breathing …) risks, as in the case of many other sports, to be more harmful than useful. For this reason, many professionals of the discipline are active in Agordino as in all the other valleys of the Dolomites, UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, and by law they must be in possession of adequate qualifications and certifications for the teaching of Nordic Walking; these professionals are available to guests of our valleys to introduce them to the practice of Nordic Walking in complete safety.

If during your holidays in Agordino you feel the desire to try a simple, reckless and decidedly rewarding outdoor activity, Nordic Walking is the discipline for you; do not hesitate, unless you are an expert, to contact an instructor who will introduce you to the world of this fascinating sport, or take part in one of the many events dedicated to Nordic Walking in Agordino (Alleghe Nordic Walking Trophy, the Marmolada Historic Trail among others) – we are waiting for you many!

Qualified Nordic Walking Instructors in Agordino

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