Fell Running in the Dolomites

Agordino Dolomiti

Mountain running in Agordino

The most classic sport in the most extraordinary alpine setting of the world



Thanks to its unique natural characteristics and to the presence of many, many peaks of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site on its territory, which provide significant differences in height and breathtaking and miscellaneous trails, the Agordino area is the ideal place for all the lovers of mountain sports and in particular of mountain running. And it is no coincidence that the Agordino is the home of many great National athletes of this sport.

The dense network of paths of the Agordino area ensures to the enthusiasts of fell running in the Dolomites a myriad of opportunities for training, since almost in every valley of the Agordino you can climb up the slopes of the Dolomites UNESCO and reach the base or sometimes the top of these beautiful mountains on foot, experiencing the excitement of training in an environment which is very impressive, healthy and unique in the world.

In addition to the possibilities inherent in the territory, the Agordino offers a vast program of competitions dedicated to mountain running; from April to October there are in fact dozens of sky running competitions held in this area of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage, many of which attract runners from all over the world with a trend that has been constantly growing for years. The following high-profile mountain running competitions are held in the Agordino area; we cite among others: the Transcivetta Karpos (Taibon Agordino – Alleghe), the Vertical KM Col di Lana (Livinallongo del Col di Lana), the Fardimarun (Falcade), the Marcia Barbana (Rocca Pietore – Marmolada), the Marmolada Super Vertical (Rocca Pietore – Marmolada), the Sellaronda Trail Running (Massif Sella, Livinallongo del Col di Lana), the Carla Serafini Trophy (Falcade), just to name a few.

Many stores and rental shops in the area deal with specific products for mountain running such as technical garments, sports shoes specifically designed for mountain running, technical equipment (stopwatches, heart rate monitors, altimeters) and much more – Lovers of mountain running, we are waiting for you!

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