Agordino Dolomiti

The amazing Civetta Adventure Park is located in Piani di Pezzè in the Municipality of Alleghe right at the foot of the beautiful Mount Civetta; it is a splendid adventure park suitable for the whole family and equipped with 5 different routes built with ropes and platforms on trees in an enchanting natural context. The Civetta Adventure Park is equipped with a training ground where guests can get all the necessary information about the correct use of the area and all the safety rules and offer the constant supervision of the professional instructors of the Adventure Park. Civetta Adventure Park is open usually on summer and autumn in conjuction with the opeining dates of the ski lifts of the Ski Civetta ski area (the area is however reachable alos by car following the road to Piani di Pezzè).


Civetta Adventure Park
Address: Via Coi, 32020 Alleghe (BL)
Phone: +39 348 7350443

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