Voltago Agordino

Agordino Dolomiti

Voltago Agordino is a marvellous mountain village of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site located in the Conca Agordina not far from Agordo; the Municipality of Voltago Agordino is located in a sunny and panoramic position at the foot of the majestic Mount Agner with a beautiful view on the 3rd of the 9 official systems recognized and protected by the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, that is the Pale di San Martino, Pale di San Lucani, Vette Feltrine and Dolomiti Bellunesi. The Municipality of Voltago Agordino is composed of two severed built-up areas, Voltago and Frassenè.

Voltago Agordino is one of the most ancient villages of the Province of Belluno, as shown in some old documents belonging to the curia of Belluno; the buit-up area of Voltago is located on a pleasant and sunny plain surrounded by thick woods and fascinating mountains; the famous English writer Amelia B. Edward, in her book “Untrodden Peaks and Unfrequented Valleys: A Midsummer Ramble in the Dolomites” described Voltago as an enchanting place; she defined Voltago Agordino as the “village of cherry trees”. Voltago is very close to Agordo and reachable on foot in a few minutes.

Voltago Agordino had been famous in Italy and in Europe in the late 30s due to the debated case of the apparition of Our Lady: Virgin Mary, according to the story of 6 young local shepherds, would have appeared to them on a day in May 1937 on a rock located in the hamlet of Piandison. The story is very similar to those of Fatima and Lourdes, but the alleged apparition was immediately silenced by the Roman Church. Despite the rejection by the authorities of the church of Peter, the case became suddently famous and thousand of pilgrims start to visit the “Sass de la Madonna” (the Madonna’s Rock) in Piandison. Voltago is known also as the birthplace of Don Antonio della Lucia, the promoter of the first dairy cooperative of Italy.

The built-up area of Frassenè is located a few kilometres far from Voltago along the Provincial Road 347; in the past (in the 30s), Frassenè was a renowned ski resort and it was even called “the little Cortina”, but nowadays the only thing that remind us of that glorious period are the old hotels located along the main road, Viale della Vittoria; Frassenè has still a chair lift that starts in the village and reaches the foot of Mount Agner near the Rifugio Scarpa – Gurekian mountain hut, but it is closed and perhalps forever. Despite the decline of its influx of tourist and the consequent depopulation, Frassenè continues anyway to be a beloved destination for hikers and climber from all over the world: the Agner dominates the village with ist majestic east wall as a huge monolith; just beneath the Agner there’s the cozy Rifugio Scarpa-Gurekian taht offers tasty local dishes and rooms; the Agner’s top is reachable thanks to the marvellous Stella Alpina via ferrata and the mount foot houses also an amusing climbing wall called “Spiriti dell’Aria”. Towards Gosaldo, Frassenè offers its most beautiful beech woods on the “Giro del Poi”, a beloved itinerary for motorbikes and road cyclists that connects Frassenè to Gosaldo. In the area called the “Laghetti”, Frassenè offers many amusing climbing walls, a suggestive small lake and a children playground.

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