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Falcade (1133 m above sea level) is a marvellous and suggestive mountain village of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site located in the High Agordino and more precisely in the charming Biois Valley (Val Biois) in the Province of Belluno, Veneto Region.

Falcade‘s most striking feature is undoubtedly its majestic mountain scenario: surrounded by some of the most beautiful dolomitic peaks of the UNESCO Dolomites World Heritage Site, like Mount Civetta (Agordino Dolomites, 3rd official Dolomites System), Mount Focobon (Pale di San Martino, 3rd official Dolomites System) and the majestic Cime d’Auta (Marmolada Group, 2nd official Dolomites System), Falcade is the most populated Municipality of the  Val Biois and main tourist resort of the area.

Falcade is mostly known Abroad for being the southern access point to the beautiful Alpe Lusia – San Pellegrino ski area (formerly known as “Trevalli“, one of the 12 valleys of the Dolomiti Superski, that Falcade shares with the Val di Fassa in Trentino.


Falcade Dolomites UNESCO

Falcade with Mount Civetta and Mount Pelmo in the background

A dolomitic dream. Falcade, located institutionally in the Province of Belluno and in the Veneto Region (the same Region of Venice) is the one of the most visited Municipalities of the Province of Belluno and it has a well-organized tourist offer and one of the most suggestive landscape of the whole Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

In addition to the beauty of its natural landscape, Falcade has been able to maintain basically untouched its priceless historical resources, enabling the village to display an unparalleled architectural richness that has very few other competitors in the Dolomites. Falcade is enchanting and unique: if you love the Dolomites and you’re looking for a truly original and pristing mountain village, far from the plastic attractions of the mass tourism resorts of the area, Falcade is definitely the right place for you.

Falcade in the Dolomites UNESCO

Falcade in Autumn with Mount Civetta, Mount Pelsa and Mount Pelmo in the background

Falcade in the Dolomites, Italy

The Focobon Towers (Pale di San Martino), symbol of Falcade

Falcade Dolomites Italy

Peaks of the Marmolada Group near Valfredda in Falcade

Falcade Dolomites UNESCO

Rustic cottage with Mounts Focobon and Mulaz (Pale di San Martino) in the background


Skiing in Falcade (Dolomiti Superski)


In Winter, the main attraction of the village is definitely its marvellous ski area: Falcade is famous in all over the Dolomites for its ski slopes, among the best in the Alps. Part of the worldwide known Dolomiti Superski, Falcade has a dynamic and modern skiing offer, although maintaining it’s unique and original charme. The access for Falcade to the Alpe Lusia – San Pellegrino ski area is the hamlet of Molino with the brand-new 8-seater cable car (built in 2015).

The Falcade ski area is shared with the Passo San Pellegrino and Alpe Lusia ones, located on the boundary with the Trentino Region. This ski area boasts almost 100 kilometers of always perfectly-groomed ski slopes (as required by the high quality standards of the Dolomiti Superski), 26 ski lifts, cozy mountain Rifugios and restaurants, a snowpark and much more. The Lovers’ Ski Slope (Pista degli Innamorati in Italian) is the second longest ski slope of the Dolomiti Superski and connects the top of the Col Margherita to the valley floor of Falcade, with a thrilling ski descent of 10 km right in front of the Pale di San Martino Group.

The new ski slope “La Volata”, realized in 2017, is one of the steepest of the Dolomites and hosts often the training session of the Italian Alpine Skiing Team and European and International races.

Ski lifts are open also in July, August and Mid September, for hikers and mountain bike enthusiasts; at the Le Buse intermediate stations, restaurants and rifugios are open also during the summer season, and a dense net of wonderful trails allows guests to enjoy some good time in the heights. Nature enthusiasts can enjoy the “Ant Garden“, a naturalistic path dedicated to the Formica Rufa (the Red Wood Ant) and its elaborate anthills (more information at the Tourist Office of Falcade – see contacts below); in the same place, guests can visit also the Artists’ Wood, an artistic path adorned with wonderful wood statues. The classical music festival “I Suoni delle Dolomiti” has a stage on the beautiful Col Margherita.

Skiing in Falcade (Dolomiti Superski, Dolomites)

Ski slopes of the Falcade ski area

Skiing in Falcade, Dolomites

The valley station of the new Falcade-Le Base cable car

Falcade Dolomites

The Col Margherita arrival station of the cable car


History and Culture of the Val Biois


In addition to the amzing ski area, Falcade offers a remarkably high number of architectural, cultural, natural and historic attractions. As the other Municipalities of the Biois Valley (Canale d’Agordo and Vallada Agordina), Falcade offers an unbelievable number of historical wood barns of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heitage Site, the so-called Tabià; in no other valley of the Dolomites, guests can find such a number of Tabià as in the Biois Valley, almost 300 scattered throughout the whole territory. Falcade shares another typical feature with the Municipalities of the Biois Valley: the presence of a huge number of frescos

Falcade in the Dolomites

18th Century fresco in Falcade

Wood Barns of the Dolomites in Falcade



Falcade is the birthplace  of two prominent Italian Postwar artists: Dante Moro and Augusto Murer; to the latter belongs an interesting museum, the Augusto Murer Museum, located nearby the departure station of the ski lifts of the Alpe Lusia – San Pellegrino ski area in the hamlet of Molino; the musuem is managed by the artist’s family members and it is housed in the original atelier of Augusto Murer. The Augusto Murer Museum offers an interesting overview of the artist’s work and it is open during the tourist seasons; a visit is recommended for those who are interested in art. Augusto’s son, Franco Murer, is also an accomplished contemporary artist.

Museo Murer Falcade

Augusto Murer Museum in Falcade

In the sunny and panoramic hamlet of Falcade Alto (which is the original village centre), in addition to a marvellous group of historical buildings and barns, guests can admire the characteristic Church of the Saints Fabiano and Sebastiano, a remarkable example of what has been called “Alpine Gothic Style”; its sharp bell tower, its particular shape and its sundial increase the charm of this beautiful original village of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

Falcade in the Dolomites

Falcade Dolomites

Falcade Alto

In the hamlet of Caviola, another beautiful church is worth a visit: it is the Church of the Madonna della Salute, located above the built-up area of Caviola on a hill (called “Collaz”); the church is very suggestive and it belongs to the list of the Heritage List of the Fine Arts Academy of Venice.

Caviola Falcade Dolomites

Madonna della Salute Church in Caviola

Among the hikes of a certain cultural interest, Falcade offers the Shepherds’ Alta Via [Alta Via dei Pastori], the Falcade Geological Trail [Sentiero Geologico di Falcade] and the Tilman Route [Via Tilman].

The Shepherd’s Alta Via is a marvelous multiday excursion in the mountains on the ancient paths used by the shepherd of the Biois Valley and of the nearby Marmolada to graze cattle; the Shepherd’s Alta Via presents itself like a wonderful walk on the plateaus and meadows at the foot of the majestic peaks of the Pale di San Martino (3rd official Dolomites system according to the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation) and of the Marmolada (2nd official Dolomites system according to the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation); the route offers enchanting views on alpine lakes, malgas, the many welcoming rifugios of the area and, of course, on unique and extraordinary peaks. A lot of professional instructors offer a complete service for those who want to try the Shepherd’s Alta Via, the most experienced of which is most assuredly Marco Bergamo of InDolomites: if you want to spend some days on the Shepherd’s Alta Via, Marco is definitely the one to contact; he will care at 360 degrees of the luggage transport, cooking service, overnight stays for a very comfortable and unforgettable mountain adventure in the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.


The Via Tilman (the Tilman Route) is a high-altitude path (similar to the High Routes of the Dolomites) invented by English Major Harold William Tilman during World War II as a supply route for the Italian partisans and the Allied troops involved in the anti-fascist war; the Tilman Route connects Falcade (Province of Belluno) with Asiago (Province of Vicenza) after a walk of almost 10 days. The route is unfortunately scarcely promoted and it is thus difficult to find information about it even in Italian; we hope that, with the approach of the hundredth Anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, the Timan Route will be rediscovered and appreciated as it deserves; the Tilman Route begins in Falcade near Camping Eden and the path that leads to Refuge G. Volpi di Misurata al Mulaz; at the beginning of the route there’s a memorial stone dedicated to Major Tilman by Franco Murer.

The Falcade Geological Trail is a quite recent proposal set up by the Municipality of Falcade in collaboration with the Mining Experts of the Follador Mining Institute of Agordo, one of the oldest and most prestigeous mining schools in Europe. The trail winds along the Gavon River, offering 15 interesting stages, equipped with clear information panels that explain the geological peculiarities of the different attractions. The Falcade Geological Trail connects the hamlet of Marmolada in Falcade to Malga Bosch Brusà and can be done in 2.5 hours; in addition to the high scientific value of this proposal, the landscapes you face during the ascent to Bosch Brusà are stunning and suggestive, among the best the Val Biois hast to offer. This trail is practically free from techincal difficluties and suitable for families. Read our article about this trail here.



Among the easiest walks in Falcade, a wonderful proposal the whole family can be the Giro delle Coste, a suggestive walk in the woods that connect the hamlet of Somor with Via Trieste; we made an article on this walk, if you want to see it just click here.

Falcade Giro delle Coste

Falcade has an excellent equipment of sports facilities: on the Piana di Falcade, the wide green meadow located in the centre of the village, guests can enjoy the sporting areas dedicated to tennis and volleyball; not far from these latter are located the municipal playground and the children fun park “Parco Nocciolino” with bouncy castles and other inflatable games and trampolines. In the same area there’s a bowling green court, a skating ring (in summer often used as beach volley court) and the municipal soccer field. In winter, the Piana di Falcade hosts the ski tracks of the marvellous Pietro Scola Cross Country Ski Center, equipped also with an efficient lighting system. On the Piana di Falcade there’s also an pleasant picnic area.

Centro Fondo Pietro Scola Falcade

As for nightlife, Falcade offers a wide choice of pubs, après-ski and bars ideal for a long aperitif after day of sport and fun in the UNESCO Dolomites; Falcade has furthermore a brand-new multifunctional space, the Sala Dolomiti, where periodically take place big music events dedicated to young people and ceremonies. Falcade offers also a cinema on Corso Roma (the “Cinema Dolomiti“).


Among the most attractive places of the Val Biois there’s Valfredda (literally: “Cold Valley”), a verdant valley located in the Municipality of Falcade on the boundary with the Trentino. Guests can access Valfredda from different hamlets of Falcade (Falcade Alto, Costa, Somor, Le Fratte). Valfredda is a very suggestive place with a splendid alpine natural landscape and a marvellous view on the Focobon group and many other peaks of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site; the area is full of charming small barns (the ‘casogn’), which in the past were used as a shelter by shepherds during summer. Another interesting hike of a certain natural interest is the one that from the hamlet of Sappade leads to the Barezze Waterfall.

From Falcade it is easy to reach the mountain passes Passo San Pellegrino (that connects Falcade to Moena in Val di Fassa) and Passo Valles (that connects Falcade to Paneveggio in Val di Fiemme). Due to their structure, the mountain passes San Pellegrino and Valles are one of the favourite mountain destinations for national and international road cyclism professional teams that every year choose Falcade for their summer camps.

Valfredda Falcade

As for mountain biking, after a period in which the creation of a bike park seemed to be imminent thanks to the collaboration with the ski lifts of Falcade, the project has unfortunately been stopped and the proposal has run aground; Falcade remains an appreciated and famous destination, but bikers are destined for the moment to live it adventurously on MTB, even if many MTB Schools and rental shops offer interesting touring programs and private lessons aimed to discover the beauty of this land. Maybe one day Falcade will adapt to the times by enhancing the offer related to the MTB tourism as in its contiugous valleys.


The snowboard enthusiasts find in Falcade many interesting proposal for an amusing stay in the Dolomites: for some years now Falcade is offering the Sampe Snowpark thanks to a motivated group of young volunteers; the Falcade Snowpark is an amusing park equipped with jumps, rails and boxes and suitable for beginners and average riders.


Le Buse


Tourist Information:

Falcade Tourist Office
Phone: +39 0437 599 062
E-mail: proloco.caviola@libero.it


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