Agordino Dolomiti


The Heart of the Dolomites

16 Municipalities in the geographical heart of the Dolomites


The Agordino area is an oasis of peace and tranquillity dominated by the majestic peaks of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site. Due to its position, the Agordino area is internationally known as “Heart of the Dolomites“. Because of its unique features, the Agordino area is a destination suitable for those tourists who are looking for absolute peace and relaxation and a superb natural, untouched setting, to rediscover well-being and serenity or to practice mountain sports in the best possible way.


Agordino, the Heart of the Dolomites, Italian Alps

Details of Mount Moiazza (Moiazza-Civetta Group)

The Agordino UNESCO

“El Cor” (the Heart) on the Pala dei Balconi (Pale di San Martino) with the Agner and the Conca Agordina in the background

Agordino Dolomites

Conca Agordina with the Civetta Group (Pelsa, Civetta and Moiazza)

Agordino Dolomites Alps Italy

Marmolada, southern wall (the so-called “Silver Wall”)


Mount Civetta from Ciamp (San Tomaso Agordino)

In this place, the geographical heart of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site, our guests have the opportunity (a unique case in the whole Dolomites) to enjoy the magic of the Pale Mountains (4 of the 9 systems of the Dolomites are in Agordino) in peace, in a personal and introspective way and in harmony with nature. This is not an amusement park like Südtirol is, this place is all about pure, untouched, pristine mountains and landscapes.

Monte Agner


Lago di Alleghe

Lago di Alleghe

Agner, Pale di San Lucano, Marmolada, Pelsa, Framont and Moiazza around the Conca Agordina


Wonderful mountain landscapes, crystal clear air, beautiful ski slopes (but not only) and, of course, many peaks of the Dolomites await you in Agordino, the Heart of the Dolomites! If you are looking for the real Dolomites, far from mass tourism, pollution and confusion that devastate many places in the Pale Mountains, Agordino is the right place for you.



Cascata Alta delle Comelle in Val di Gares


Prati di Revena - San Tomaso Agordino - Dolomiti

San Tomaso Agordino

Teriol Ladin a Livinallongo del Col di Lana

16 beautiful places to discover in 7 fascinating valleys, 4 of the 9 official systems of the UNESCO Dolomites and a varied and lively tourist offer make the Agordino, Heart of the Dolomites, a true paradise for lovers of the mountains, silence and of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The Agordino, institutionally located in the Province of Belluno (Veneto Region) on the border with Alto Adige – Südtirol and Trentino, is a unique and particular place: here you will not find the cultural, linguistic and gastronomic standard of Trentino or South Tyrol, but rather the unique fusion of Ladin elements (in the Agordo Municipalities of Colle Santa Lucia and Livinallongo del Col di Lana), indigenous (Rocca Pietore – Marmolada), from the Cadore area (Selva di Cadore) and Venetian (Conca Agordina, Val Cordevole, Val Biois, Val del Mis), a certainly original mix to be discovered, far from the usual clichés.


Passo Valparola

Tabià delle Dolomiti

Scarti di altoforno in località Pian de le Lope nel centro minerario di Vallalta

Scarti di altoforno in località Pian de le Lope nel centro minerario di Vallalta

Il Forte della Tagliata di San Martino Agordo

Il Forte della Tagliata di San Martino Agordo

The target group of customers to which the Agordino is well suited is that of enterprising and sporty visitors, in search of the natural, the wild, the original to live and explore: nowhere else in the UNESCO World Heritage, even less in large tourist resorts, you can enjoy the nature of the Dolomites in a more perfect and unspoiled form.

Moreover, due to the great presence of peaks, the Agordino is better suited to mountaineers, hikers, lovers of mountain biking and skiing in its various forms (so for sportsmen and active vacationers) than tourists looking for boutiques for shopping and local fashion, to which we recommend the nearby Cortina d’Ampezzo or the centers of Trentino-Alto Adige. The Agordino is the ideal place for those who love the mountains, certainly not the worldliness. Our rich agricultural tradition, carried on with great passion still today by many Agordino farmers and breeders, offers our visitors a wide range of organic products and many tasty dishes; in Agordino there are no monocultures or intensive farming and consequent massive use of pesticides and pollution; air and water are our best business cards along with our beautiful Dolomites.


Formaggi e puìne (ricotta affumicata)

Banca de le Fede

Moiazza e mucche nei pressi di Malga Framont

Moiazza e mucche nei pressi di Malga Framont

Teriol Ladin | Sentiero Storico del Col di Lana | Livinallongo del Col di Lana | Dolomiti UNESCO

Settsass a Livinallongo del Col di Lana

Lach dei Neghér o Lech dei Giài

The Agordino is a land of adventure: in this place you will not find shopping centers, mass tourism resorts and the noise typical of other areas of the Dolomites, but genuine villages and mountain views where you can find contact with nature and beautiful peaks to practice all mountain sports. If you are looking for all this, we are waiting for you in the valley of the Cordevole stream, the heart of the Dolomites!


Focobon (Pale di San Martino) da Casera Caviazza (Falcade)

Se Desmonteghea, festa della transumanza a Falcade

Bosch Brusà

In our section ‘Places‘ you will find an overview of the villages that make up the Agordino with tourist information and contacts to deepen the topics covered. In our section ‘History of the Agordino‘ you will have the opportunity to consult the page containing the basic historical and cultural information on the Agordino up to the present day. The main attractions of the Agordino are contained in the menus of the sections ‘Attractions‘ and ‘Experiences‘, while ‘Events‘ contains a list of the main events in the area. In the section ‘Friends‘ you will find our collaborators and friends in the area that we would like to recommend warmly, while in the section ‘About us and contacts‘ you will find the description of our group and the form to contact us, as well as a list of the main telephone numbers of law enforcement agencies, radio stations, veterinary and hospital services and tourist offices in our area.


Moiazza nei pressi di Malga Framont (Agordo)

Banca delle Fede a Gares (Canale d’Agordo)


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