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Cima Nord di San Sebastiano

An easy Hike in the Conca Agordina, the Heart of the Dolomites

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Curious indeed, but we’ve always forgotten to dedicate an article to what we consider the prototype of the Agordino weekend excursion, that is the ascent to the Cima Nord. However, we are happy to make up for our lack immediately with a short article about this fascinating hiking destination of our beloved Agordino, the Heart of the Dolomites!


Cima Nord di San Sebastiano in the San Sebastiano Group, Dolomites UNESCO

The San Sebastiano Group as seen from the summit of Cima Nord

Before starting, we’d like to thank you all very much for the extraordinary results of the summer just gone; results that have amazed us, allowing us to exceed the targets we fixed before the beginning of the season. And besides the mere traffic results, what’s really important for us is the several messages of appreciation and esteem we keep on receiving from our readers, as well as the affection and attachment many of you have shown for our little project. Thank you very much friends!!!

The ascent to Cima Nord di San Sebastiano is an easy hike, considering the lack of technical difficulties; at the same time, nevertheless, Cima Nord reveals itself as a fulfilling experience from a sporting point of view and a marvellous chance to admire many peaks of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Site from a privileged position. Charming Dolomite peak, Cima Nord can be climbed easily and descended in half a day and it is thus an ideal hiking proposal if you’re a guest in the Conca Agordina and you’re looking for a quick excursion with a great view.

Cima Nord di San Sebastiano Dolomites UNESCO Italy

Tamer Towers from Cima Nord

Cima Nord is the northernmost one among the three peaks of the San Sebastiano Group (SOIUSA Supergroup: Dolomiti Agordine or Dolomiti di Zoldo; UNESCO Dolomites System: number 3 Pale di San Martino – San Lucano – Vette Feltrine – Dolomiti Bellunesi). It’s the easiest one to climb of this spectacular mountain chain located between the marvelous Conca Agordina and Val di Zoldo in the Province of Belluno, in the Veneto Region.

San Sebastiano Group in the Dolomites, Alps, Italy

Cima Nord from Passo Duran along the Dolomites Höhenweg 1

We talked before about the other two peaks of the San Sebastiano group, but never about this one, even if it’s one of our most beloved and a peak we visit quite frequently. Cima Nord is one of the protagonists of the landscape on Passo Duran, the mountain pass that connects the Municipalities of La Valle Agordina on the Conca Agordina‘s side and Val di Zoldo on the namesake valley’s side. This place it the setting of one of the most charming stages of the well-known Alta Via delle Dolomiti number one (Dolomiten Höhenweg N. 1) that connects Braies to Belluno; we’re talking about the most famous hiking path of the Dolomites, a route that doesn’t need many words of introduction. Cima Nord and Mount Moiazza surround the Passo Duran and are the protagonists of the western part of the village of La Valle Agordina; these peaks are particularly charming at sunset, when the enrosadira dyes paint their walls with unbelievably beautiful and unique colors.

Cima Nord di San Sebastiano Agordino Dolomites

Mount Moiazza descending from Cima Nord

San Sebastiano Dolomites Alps Italy

Van de Calleda and the Conca Agordina

Relatively unknown among most of the people, Cima Nord is a wild peak, the right place to enjoy the true Dolomites in their most untouched and pure essence, far away from the loudy resorts of the area and the places devoted to mass tourism. The ascent to Cima Nord can begin from different starting points; the area is rich in marvelous hiking trails, all of which are well marked and walkable. For our article, we have chosen Pian de Calleda, but you can start your hike from Passo Duran or, if the altitude gap is what you are looking for, from La Valle Agordina. As usual, we suggest you to get a good trail map of the area, to bring good mountain equipment with you, to hire a professional Mountain Guide if you’re not familiar with the area and, what’s most important, to always use prudence and common sense.

From Pian de Calleda we reached the Alta Via; there are two options to do it: the CAI Path n. 543 (that meets the 524), quicker but more challenging (there are a couple of passages to be faced with the use of hands – nothing too tricky, however) and the CAI Path n. 524, longer but easier.

Pian de Calleda Passo Duran Agordino Dolomites

Pian de Calleda

Cima Nord di San Sebastiano

Both are charming and amusing, so feel free to choose the one you like the most! From the Alta Via we went on towards the beautiful Van de Calleda, where its wonderful monolith welcomes hikers in the rocky heart of the San Sebastiano range. This is a particular place in which we like to rest for a while, every time we’re around, because of the spectacular view and the atmosphere of the spot. Have you ever been here? Let us know it by leaving a comment here below!

Cima Nord di San Sebastiano

Cima Nord di San Sebastiano

Van de Calleda

Cima Nord di San Sebastiano

Van de Calleda

From the Van de Calleda it’s easy to see the path that climbs up the scree towards Forcella San Sebastiano. The ascent becomes steeper as one goes up, even if relatively simple and short and absolutely less challenging than the nearby Forcella Larga and Forcella Porta. Once reached the top, don’t forget to stop to admire the marvelous Val di Zoldo on the other side of the saddle – a breathtaking view! 

Cima Nord di San Sebastiano Agordino Dolomiti

The Van de Calleda with its wonderful monolith and the Conca Agordina in the background

Cima San Sebastiano La Valle Agordina Dolomiti

Focella San Sebastiano

Cima Nord di San Sebastiano

Forcella San Sebastiano

View on the Val di Zoldo from Forcella San Sebastiano

From Forcella San Sebastiano begins the last part of the ascent to the summit of Cima Nord. The hike goes on a high-altitude trail on rocks, always marked by visible signs and cairns. Nothing too difficult, even if attention and caution is advisable here. In a few minutes we reached the top of the peak, from which we enjoyed the beautiful view on Passo Duran, the Conca Agordina, the Val di Zoldo and beyond.

Cima Nord di San Sebastiano

The Tamer towers

Cima Nord di San Sebastiano Agordino Dolomiti

Cima Nord di San Sebastiano Agordino Dolomiti UNESCO

Cima San Sebastiano Agordino Dolomiti

Cima San Sebastiano Dolomiti

Many and many peaks of the Dolomites can be admired from this amazing observation point, a remarkable panoramic terrace that can be reached relatively easily. This hike is undoubtedly recommended for a morning or an afternoon dedicated to sport in the Dolomites; Cima Nord won’t let you down, promised! Don’t forget to ask always for updated pieces of information at the local Tourist Information Offices (whose contacts are listed here below) and to bring with you a suitable mountain equipment; preparation when going at high altitude can make the difference between a wonderful day and an unpleasant experience, so take care of yourself and get adequately prepared for your Dolomites adventures.

Cima Nord di San Sebastiano

Conca Agordina from Cima Nord

Cima Nord di San Sebastiano

Passo Duran from Cima Nord

Cima Nord di San Sebastiano

Hiring a good Mountain Guide can furthermore ensure more fan and relaxation if you’re not familiar with the area. If you want to make your visit to Cima Nord even more charming and unforgettable, our suggestion is to choose to go up there in the late afternoon; the enrosadira colors will leave you speechless in front of the beauty of the Dolomites.

Cima Nord

Mount Moiazza


If you like to share with us your tales or recollections of the Dolomites, please feel free to leave a comment; each contribution is always welcomed! Let’s keep in touch and see you soon for other stories and adventures from the Heart of the Dolomites – Stay tuned!



Tourist information offices:

Ufficio Turistico di Agordo
Tel. +39 437 62105

Pro Loco La Valle Agordina
Tel. +39 437 63928


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