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Su n’Armaròl (Casera Marol)

A marvelous panoramic terrace on the Pala Group

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Inexplicably, we never dedicated a full article about the Colle Armarolo (Armaròl in Agordino dialect). Nevertheless, it’s easy to imagine how beautiful the view is from this small hill located in the southwestern part of the Conca Agordina. Taking advantage of a wonderful and sunny Winter day, we decided to make a quick hike on this hill and eventually to dedicate to this small walk a proper article, telling our readers what we found there. Let’s see together what this place has for us! 


Located between the Conca Agordina and the Valle del Mis, in the municipal area of Voltago Agordino, Rivamonte Agordino and Gosaldo, the Colle Armarolo is an amazing panoramic point on the Agner Group (Pale di San Martino, or Pala Group), but not only. An hike destination practically unknown to the average visitors of the Dolomites, the Col Armarolo is known only locally, and this is absolutely a pity, since the potential of this hill are huge, particularly for guests looking for an easy and valid hike in the Dolomites. 

Agner from Casera Marol

The relatively small height of this hill (only 1527 meters at its highest point, the Col Alt) makes this hike an excellent idea of excursionists looking for a half-day walk that can give at the same time all the fulfillment deriving by the magnificent landscapes of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. Furthermore, another great feature of this walk is the easiness of the path, which is always very well marked and intuitive. If you’re touring in the Conca Agordina and you have a half day to spend there, perhaps in Summer or Autumn, you should definitely take a visit to the Colle Armarol into account. 

There are several paths leading to the summit of the Colle Armarolo; for this article, we have chosen the easiest one, that is the one starting from the Laghetti area in Frassenè (Municipality of Voltago Agordino), reachable by car and with various free parking possibilities on site.

After parking at the Laghetti area, we continued briefly on the asphalt road that leads to Rivamonte Agordino, until we met the indications to Casera Marol on the right side of the road. Even if the area was still affected by the huge damages of the Vaia Storm from 2018 at the moment of our visit, the path had already been arranged, ensuring a good walkability since the start. And this was really surprising, since the Colle Armarolo, located in line with the Canale di Agordo, was one of the points heavily hit by the strong winds of the Vaia Storm. And even if the wounds of Vaia were still clearly visible, we couldn’t feel pride of the fastness in which the Agordino people were able to repair most of the damages of the storm, not only in this place but in the whole area.

The path winds gently through a nice pine woodland and presents no difficulty; as said, hiking signs are always clearly visible and the walkability is granted in every point of the hike, even if some parts are still undergoing the works to remove the strom-trodden trees.

Once we were close to the summit of the Colle Armarolo, the discovery: the Vaia storm swept away the dense forest that once covered the hill, letting the landscape open wide on the Dolomites peaks that surround the Conca Agordina: the Dolomiti Agordine (Gruppo del San Sebastiano, Moiazza, Civetta), the Monti del Sole and the Vette Feltrine, and above all on the Pale di San Martino, wonderfully located in front of the Colle Armarolo.

After a few meters, we were on the top of the Col Armarolo, from which we enjoyed the breathtaking views on the peaks of the  Agner Group. We rested a little bit nearby the Casera Marol, an open Alpine shelter always accessible to visitors. A true joy for the eyes and the heart, and, as said, reachable with a very easy and effortless walk. Absolutely not to be missed, if you’re around! 


The hike from the Laghetti area to the Colle Armarolo is absolutely basic-level and accessible to average hikers; it can be done in half a day, without any particular technical difficulty. The fact that many villages of the Conca Agordina are so close to the hill makes this tour even more accessible to guests, that can freely choose the best way to visit this place. As usual, we suggest you to gather all the necessary pieces of information before embarking in this walk, by, for instance, contacting the local Tourist Information Office (contact here below) or using a good and updated trail map.

Being in the Conca Agordina and looking for a nice destination able to give you a true dolomitic experience? Then Colle Armarolo is a place you should definitely visit! See you all very soon from other shots and adventures from the Agordino, the Heart of the Dolomites!  Stay tuned!



Tourist Information Offices: 

Ufficio Turistico di Agordo 

Tel. +39 437 62105



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  1. Ciao, il posto è davvero stupendo! Ci sono stato varie volte ma sempre partendo da Forcella Aurine. L’estate scorsa era un disastro, si arrivava a malapena al Cristo delle Traversade e poi non si riusciva nemmeno a distinguere il proseguimento della forestale….
    Sapete per caso se hanno ripulito anche questo itinerario?

    • Ciao Milos!

      Grazie mille per il tuo contributo!

      Al momento ci sono diversi cantieri in zona, ma per tutte le info aggiornate puoi contare sempre sull’Ufficio Turistico di Agordo, che sa darti la situazione aggiornata!

      Grazie mille e continua a seguirci!

      Il team di

    • Ciao quanto dura la camminata dai laghetti alla casera armarol?

      • Ciao Alessandra,

        grazie per il tuo commento; ovviamente molte variabili influiscono sulla risposta; noi camminando molto piano con la neve, facendo diverse pause e fermandoci a fare foto ci siamo arrivati in un’oretta e mezza, ma se non ti fermi e se procedi spedita ci metti sicuramente anche meno.
        E soprattutto, ne vale la pena!

        Grazie ancora per il tuo contributo e continua a seguirci!

        Il Team di

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