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Mont’Alt de Framont

A marvellous excursion in Agordo, the Heart of the Dolomites

Agordino Dolomiti


The excursion to the Mont’Alt de Framont (2181 meters above sea level) has always represented a real “must” both for the enthusiasts of hiking in the Dolomites and for the local Agordino people. The Mont Alt is the easiest peak of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site to be reached from the Conca Agordina; this hike is more than feasible also for average excursionists (of course, with adequate mountain equipment) and it allows guests at the same time to enjoy an extraordinary, unparallelled Dolomitic scenario. Virtually, the departure can be also from the main square of Agordo, and feasible in a single day. So let’s not talk too much and let’s see together what this beautiful hike in the Dolomites has to offer.


Please remember that for more pieces of information about the city of Agordo, Heart of the Dolomites, there’s our dedicated page, easily reachable though this link. As said before, considering the technical ease of this excursion, the Mont Alt could be faced leaving directly from Piazza Libertà in Agordo or from one of the charming hamlets lying at the foot of the MoiazzaCivetta Group. But, if you’re not so well-trained, or simply if you haven’t so much time, you can freely choose to start this hike from the hamlet of Don di Agordo or reach with the car (of course exclusively during the warm season) Malga Framont. Our suggestion would be, of course, to leave from one of the charming villages of the valley floor, just to have the chance to enjoy the many changes in the surrounding landscape and the many hidden trasures of the Municipality of Agordo, Heart of the Dolomites. A good idea to spend a very nice day in this area could be to leave from the Hamlet of Parech in Agordo and to follow the hiking signs towards Rifugio Carestiato up to Malga Framont, then towards Focella Camp, having the chance in this way to take a look also to the beautiful graffiti of the initiative Agordo Paese del Graffito and to the many charming historic houses and barns of this small village of the Dolomites. But the choice is yours, so fell free to do it as you like! A remarkable added value to this hike is then represented by the beautiful mountain view: as you climb up, the landscape gets richer in marvellous Dolomites peaks, with unparallelled views on the Pale di San Martino, Monti del Sole e Feruch, on the San Sebastiano, on the peaks of the Marmolada Group and on the Dolomiti Bellunesi). As usual, we’d like to underline that there are really a few places in the Dolomites in which to admire such a richness of mountain heritage as in Agordino, and this because of the central position of the Agordino in the context of the UNESCO Dolomites.

For our small adventure here, we decided to leave from Parech, following indeed the CAI signs to Rifugio Carestiato. The Don di Agordo can be reached in three different ways: with the Val di Frela path up to Colvignàs, then with the asphalt road till the Don; with the CAI path number 548, that can be meet in correspondence with the bridge on River Capregana next to the old mill (from Parech towards the hamlet of Farenzena); from the hamlet of Farenzena following the signs to the rock climbing walls of Farenzena and then through the asphalt road to the Don. With the exception of the CAI path 548 (which is quicker but also steeper and in a woodland for most of the time), the other two ways are very panoramic and spectacular, above all for the beautiful views on the Pale di San Martino Pale di San Martino.

From the hamlet of Don di Agordo, we went on on the comfortable asphalt road, choosing to take one of the charming ancient mule tracks where available. The presence of many of these mule tracks and agricultural terraces testifies the ancient, rich agricultural past of the Conca Agordina.

Once we reached Malga Framont, we enjoyed very much all the imposing beauty of Mount Moiazza. Barely unknown to the mass tourism, the Moiazza belongs according to the Alpine Classification SOIUSA to the Moiazza-Civetta Group, which is part of the Dolomiti Agordine or Dolomiti di Zoldo Supergroup; this marvellous mountain range is located entirely within the boundaries of the Province of Belluno in the Veneto Region in Italy. Spectacular Dolomite colossus, the Moiazza was the setting of many, unforgettable mountaineering adventures throughout the 20th century; Moiazza offers, among the other experiences, one of the hardest Via Ferratas of the Dolomites, according also to Reinhold Messner: the Via Ferrata G. Costantini. The Alta Via 1 delle Dolomiti Braies-Belluno (Dolomites High Route 1) passes right at the foot of this mount in the Agordino part of the itinerary. 

Going up towards Forcella Camp, we took some time to admire the wonderful Cantoni di Moiazza, which are some imposing Dolomite towers that never forget to remind us how little man is compared to Nature. This is one of the most striking places of this area, and very easy to reach at the same time: a natural wonder that we warmly suggest you not to miss! 

At Forcella Camp, we stopped for a while to breath some fresh air and to admire the majestic Moiazza and Civetta and, of course, the peaks of the Framont (among which our target, the Mont’Alt). This charming alpine pass, stage of the above mentioned Alta Via delle Dolomiti n.1, is always able to give us a mix of wonder and satisfaction, and this place is definitely recommendable in every period of the year.

We went down towards Casera Camp, which becomes in Summer a rustic barn for the cattles of Malga Framont, and then we faced the last ascent, the one that connects Casera Camp to the Mont’Alt. The ascent is here definitely linear and intuitive and goes up regularly until the cross at the top of the Mont’Alt. Going up the slope we enjoyed the beautiful landscape changes with views on the San Sebastiano Group, the Cime di Zità and Talvena, the Monte Celo. 

Mont'Alt di FRamont (Moiazza) | Escursioni ad Agordo | Dolomiti UNESCO

Eventually we reached the top of the Mont’Alt, from which we enjoyed a breath-taking vertical view of almost 1200 meters on the Conca Agordina, as well as many other marvellous views on the surrounding Dolomites peaks, expecially on Agner-Corda Granda (Pale di San Martino) and Pale di San Lucano. A lot of peaks can be seen from the Mont’Alt, and reaching this place is so rewarding that you won’t believe you put so little effort in this excursion. Try it to believe it!

We returned to the valley floor with the same route, enjoying the Winter sun and the fiery sunsets by the Enrosadira in the Heart of the Dolomites UNESCO. Of course, this is just one of the marvellous excursions guests can do in the area, but this is one of the most representative ones and we didn’t want to miss the chance to let this hike be known by our readers. As always, if you wish to find out some other interesting activities to be done in the Heart of the Dolomites, our suggestion is to take a look at our “Articles” section, where you can find plenty of ideas to spend your time in the Dolomites in the best way. 


Thank you very much for the great support, love, compliments and passion we get from all our readers. Thank you guys for this amazing 2019 that you gave us. Thanks to all the friends that left a comment or wrote us in these years: you’re amazing, we love you. Thanks to the people that encourage and support us since years, people that give us the fuel to keep working on this small blog and on our projects. Thank you very much to all of you, dear Friends: our warmest wishes to all of you for a joyful, peaceful, successfull 2020. See you soon for other adventures from the Heart of the Dolomites – Stay tuned!


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  1. Bel servizio….manca solo i tempi del giro….

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      I tempi “ufficiali” del giro sono segnati sulle guide escursionistiche e i segnavia CAI, quantificati in circa due orette dal Don alla cima del Mont’Alt o in un’ora e mezza da Malga Framont alla cima del Mont’Alt. Se ti servono altre informazioni, ricordati che l’Ufficio Turistico di Agordo è sempre a completa disposizione dei nostri ospiti.

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