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Riva-Ron 2021 | Running Race in the Dolomites | Agordino Dolomites

Riva-Ron 2021 | Running Race in the Dolomites | Agordino Dolomites

Agordino DolomitiRiva-Ron 2021

June 2021 | Rivamonte Agordino | Dolomites UNESCO


The Pro Loco Rivamonte Agordino is pleased to invite the enthusiasts of mountain running to the 6th edition of the Riva-Ron, the amazing running race open to everybody organized in conjunction with the Sant’Antonio Patronal Festival in Rivamonte Agordino.


Riva-Ron in a non-competitive running competition on a marvelous ring track of 6 kilometers (also with a 1-km category for young runners born after January, 1st 2011) around the charming village of Rivamonte Agordino in Conca Agordina, the heart of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. Riva-Ron will take place in June 2021 (date to be defined, stay tuned) starting from 08:30.

As for the previous editions, all the participants will be allowed to use the showers of the municipal sporting areas; after the race, everyone’s invited to join the amusing Patronal festival of Saint Anthony that will be housed as usual in the festival marquee right besides the sporting areas – Come join us, we wait for you!



Tourism Information Offices:

Ufficio Turistico di Agordo
Tel. +39 437 62105
E-mail: ufficioturistico@agordo.net 

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