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Agordino Dolomiti
La Vecia Popa 2021 | Agordo | Dolomites UNESCO

La Vecia Popa 2021 | Agordo | Dolomites UNESCO

Agordino Dolomiti

La Vecia Popa 2021

March 14th, 2021 | Agordo | Agordino Dolomites



Sunday 14th March 2021 you’re warmly invited to the annual “Vecia Popa de Agort“,  the traditional event that marks the end of the Winter season with the burning of a huge puppet, the Vecia Popa. 


The event, organized by the Comitato Vecia Popa Agordo, is linked to ancient traditions of a rural heritage, in which the peoples of the Dolomites used to celebrate the arrival of Spring with the stake of a puppet representing an old lady, that is Winter. This tradition, re-discovered and re-enacted in recent times, has become a fixed appointment in the calendar of the Heart of the Dolomites, a colorful and joyful event open to everybody. 

On the occasion of the Vecia Popa 2021, at 14:30 there will be the carnival parade of the floats of the different hamlets of Agordo, followed by the burning of the puppet at 16:30. Music and entertainment for everybody will accompany this afternoon – Everyone’s invited!

La Vecia Popa Agordo


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