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La Sbriseda 2021 | Marmolada Vintage Ski Meeting | Dolomiti SuperSki

La Sbriseda 2021 | Marmolada Vintage Ski Meeting | Dolomiti SuperSki


La Sbriseda

April 2021

Rocca Pietore – Marmolada Ski Area | Dolomites


The “Sbriseda” is the most famous and popular vintage-style ski meeting of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. Organized by the Comitato Manifestazioni Marmolada, the Sbriseda takes place in the unique and suggestive setting of the Marmolada, also known as the Queen of the Dolomites, on the 12-km ski slope “La Bellunese”, the longest ski piste of the Dolomiti SuperSki.


Sbriseda | Vintage Ski Meeting Marmolada | Dolomites

The “Sbriseda” is an event that aims to go back to the time in which skiing was a just a niche discipline for thrill-seekers; it is a day of sport, friendship and fun dedicated to old ski outfits and, at the discretion of the participants, to old ski equipment like the wonderful wooden skis.

The meeting point is in the hamlet of Malga Chapel right at the foot of the Marmolada, where participants enter the Arabba – Marmolada ski area through the impressive Marmolada Cable Car; after the cable car ride, participants face together the longest slope in the Dolomites, that is “La Bellunese” and they return back to Malga Ciapela. Participants must wear ski clothing or traditional clothing that have to be preceding the 90s; on the other hand, participants can decide whether to wear old or new skis since “La Bellunese” is not properly an easy slope.

But “La Sbriseda” is indeed a good occasion not only to meet new people and to spend a beautiful day of skiing in the Dolomites, but also a unique occasion to see original and decades-old ski equipment and clothing. During the descent there will be many occasion to have a hot cup of tea or mulled wine and to taste some typical products of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site; at the end of the Bellunese, a good meal with many delicious local dishes will wait for all the participants.


As for the previous editions, the Sbiseda 2021 requires a registration (just to organize meals and breaks); of course, everyone is welcome, but remember that La Bellunese is a slope that requires an average level of skiing abilities. To take part in the Sbriseda 2021 contact the organizer at the E-mail address that you’ll find here below – Everyone’s invited!


La Sbriseda


La Sbriseda | Infos & bookings

COT Marmolada – Tel. +30 437 722277 – info@marmolada.com

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