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Agordino Dolomiti
Baite Aperte 2021 | Winter Food Tour of the Alpine Lodges of the Dolomites

Baite Aperte 2021 | Winter Food Tour of the Alpine Lodges of the Dolomites

Agordino Dolomiti

Baite Aperte 2021

Sunday, March 2021

Alleghe | Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site


Alleghe’s Baite Aperte (literally “open lodges”) is one of the most popular gastronomic events of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. During this event, participants are involved in an amusing off-piste snowshoes hike (easy and accessible to average-level hikers) with many food pauses in the several, charming private lodges around the Ski Civetta ski area (Dolomiti SuperSki), open to the public specifically for this occasion.  The organizers call this activity “baiting” (from “baita” which means indeed “lodge” or “alpine hut”), and if you’re looking for something truly original for your holidays in the Dolomites, Baite Aperte is definitely the event for you.


Alleghe Baite Aperte is the unique chance to enter some true Dolomitic alpine lodges (not a normal Rifugio, but rather a real private mountain shelter, normally not accessible to guests) to taste some excellent local food and to enjoy some good time in a relaxed, chariming atmosphere. Participants are involved in a nice off-piste snowshoeing hike and rest in some private, exclusive lodges of the Ski Civetta ski area, where local food, music and entertainment waits for them. There’s no better occasion for a foreign visitor to understand what life in the Dolomites really is: BAITE APERTE is both a day dedicated to mountain sports and a huge party for all the foodies that are looking for the true Dolomitic delicatessen (many of which can’t be found in the hotels and stores of the Dolomites). If you love good food, nice parties and the Dolomites, Baite Aperte is an event you should absolutely miss!!


Baite Aperte 2021 | Program, schedule and further infos: 


09:30 – Meeting at Grande Baita Civetta in Piani di Pezzè (first intermediate station of the Alleghe – Col dei Baldi cable car) for the registration

10:00 – Beginning of Baite Aperte 2020 with the guided showshoeing walk

10:30 – Degustations begins! Free tasting in the charming mountain lodges of the area

16:00 – happy hour and entertainment at Grande Baita Civetta



For any further information about Baite Aperte, here below you find the contact data of the organizer (Alleghe Funivie SPA) of the Alleghe Tourist Office and of the Ski Civetta Ski Area. They are at your disposal any time in case of any question or request and they will be more than glad to help you in case of need-


Alleghe Baite Aperte 2021 waits for all the foodies of the Dolomites in March in Alleghe – Don’t loose this chance to live a true Dolomitic experience! Places are limited! 


Information Offices :

Alleghe Funivie SPA (organizer) Tel. +39 437 523544 E-mail: info@alleghefunivie.com

Ski Civetta – Info Office Tel. +39 437 721376 E-mail: info@skicivetta.com

Alleghe Tourist Office Tel. +39 0437 523333 E-mail: consorzio@alleghe.info


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