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Serrai di Sottoguda

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The so-called Serrai di Sottoguda is a natural canyon located at the foot of Mount Marmolada (which is also known with the epithet “the Queen of the Dolomites”) in the Marmolada Natural Reserve in the Municipality of Rocca Pietore – Marmolada; it is a 2,5 km long and narrow gorge dug by the Pettorina River that connects the hamlets of Malga Ciapela and Sottoguda in the Municipality of Rocca Pietore – Marmolada, in the heart of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. In winter, when temperature goes below 0° C, the steep walls of the Serrai di Sottoguda are covered with a thick layer of ice that makes this place one of the international temples of ice climbing. The Ice Climbing Meeting is the most important event dedicated to this fascinating winter discipline: it is a whole weekend (that usually takes place in mid-January) involving athletes from all over Europe and addressed both to experienced climbers and to those who simply want to try this thrilling sport.

In summer, the Serrai di Sottoguda canyon is the ideal place for a pleasant walk in a fascinating natural setting and ideal for the whole family; in summer, guests can take a ride on the charming Serrai Express, a nice tourist train for sightseeing tours of the canyon. The Serrai di Sottoguda gorge is included in the Marmolada Natural Reserve, an Italian protected natural area which is subjected to strict rules of safety and city laws; the entrance to the Serrai di Sottoguda requires a fee during the summer season, the proceeds of which are used entirely for the protection and maintenance of the area. In summer, the Serrai di Sottoguda hosts interesting cultural events like Stagud’Art (an art show set up by local artists and artisans). In the evenings of the summer event “Na Sera da Zacan” (literally: “an evening of the past”) the Serrai Express offers charming night rides through the narural gorge.


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Consorzio Operatori Turistici Marmolada
Phone: +39 0437 722277
E-mail: info@marmolada.com

Serrai Express Tourist Train
Phone: +39 349 1076007
E-mail: info@treninodeiserrai.com

Accessibility to the Serrai canyon – Rocca Pietore Municipal Police
Phone: +39 0437 721178 – +39 48 4457725
E-mail: vigile.rocca@agordino.bl.it

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