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Lake Mis (Dolomites)

Lake Mis (Dolomites)

Lake Mis (Lago del Mis)

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Lake Mis (Lach del Mìs) is a wonderful lake of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site located in the Val del Mis between the Municipalities of Gosaldo in Agordino and Sospirolo in Valbelluna, in the Province of Belluno, Veneto Region. According to the 2019 Touring Club chart, Lake Mis is the second most beautiful lake in Italy, one position ahead of the best known Garda Lake.


Lago del Mis

Lake Mis is of artificial genesis (the lake was created in 1962, as a water supply for the production of hydropower); it is located in a charming Alpine context, practically untouched, in the heart of the Monti del Sole and Vette Feltrine (SOIUSA: Monti del Sole e Vette Feltrine, UNESCO Dolomites Classification: Pale di San Martino, San Lucano, Dolomiti Bellunesi e Vette Feltrine). The wild aspect of the Val del Mis, that hides true natural and historical treasures, contributes undoubtedly to the fame, also international, that the Lago del Mis has been able to gather in recent times.

Lake Mis is partially included in the protected area of the Parco Nazionale delle Dolomiti Bellunesi, a natural reserve that concerns since 1990 the whole area of the Vette Feltrine; the belonging of this place to the National Park has allowed the area to remain mostly unpolluted and free from overbuilding, differently from other areas of the Dolomites that haven’t been so lucky.

Lago del Mis

Lake Mis can be reached from the Agordino area through the Provincial Road number 2 (which is very striking, since it’s a military road built before the Great War and dug in the Dolomite rock) that connects Gosaldo to Sospirolo; from South, Lake Mis can be reached through the same road from the Municipality of Sospirolo by following the indications to Gosaldo and the Conca Agordina.

The area of Lake Mis, although located in a protected area, has been able to develop a dynamic tourist offer in recent time, with a few restaurants and bar (like the one in Pian Falcina and the Bar alla Soffia on the opposite side of the lake, and also the tasty Pit Stop Panini nearby the access area to the Cadini del Brenton). There are furthermore two info points managed by the National Park, one in Pian Falcina and one in the access point to the Cadini del Brenton.

Cadini del Brenton
Lago del Mis

Among the most famous attractions of the area, in addition to the lake itself, there are the marvellous Cadini del Brenton, suggestive erosive basins surrounded by a wonderful nature, and the La Soffia Waterfall area. The best season to visit the place is definitely Summer; Lake Mis is very popular among visitors from Italy, of course, but also Northern Europe and the UK.

Cadini del Brenton

In the past, the inhabitants of the area lived mainly thanks to mining in the nearby Vallalta Mining Center; from the Mid 19th Century, the tourism exploitation of the area began with the building up of the famous Pensione Alla California and the realizing of the above mentioned Provincial Road. The place, among the first mass-tourism destinations of the Dolomites, was completely destroyed by the tremendous 1966 Flood and the consequent depopulation of Gosaldo and Sospirolo. Only in recent times, tourism has rediscovered this marvelous area, also in its historical proposals, like the Vallalta Mining Center and the abandoned villages of California and Gena.


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