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Lake Coldai (Dolomites)

Lake Coldai (Dolomites)

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Lago Coldai

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Among the many family-friendly hikes that our guests can experience during their stays in Agordino, the Heart of the Dolomites, there’s undoubtedly the one that connects Piani di Pezzè or Col dei Baldi (Municipality of Alleghe) to the enchanting Lake Coldai (Lago Coldai) at the foot of Mount Civetta.


This hike is suitable for excursionists of low / average level and runs on a comfortable mule track and subsequentely on an easy mountain path that can be faced without particular efforts also by families with small children. Furthermore, the ski lifts of the Ski Civetta ski area (Dolomiti Superski) allows guests to easily meet this path, effortlessy and with a short, flat walk,  from the arrival station of the Piani di Pezzè – Col dei Baldi cable car, starting from the village of Alleghe or reaching Piani di Pezzè by car or bus. Even if easy to rach, Lake Coldai is one of the wonders of Nature every Dolomites lover should absolutely visit once in a life.

Lago Coldai | Alleghe | Civetta | Dolomiti UNESCO

Lake Coldai is an enchanting Alpine lake of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site located on an ample plateau located between the Northern wall of Mount Civetta and Mount Coldai, in a context of a very high natural value. The unique color of the waters of Lake Coldai, the beautiful landscape of the Northern Dolomites, the imposing wall of Mount Civetta make this lake a unique and very charming place and a popular excursion destination for thousands of hikers every year.

Lake Coldai is particularly appreciated for its spectacular shades, which are the results of the minerals dissolved in its waters. Nearby the lake, Rifugio Coldai is a convenient point of reference for all the guests around, the ideal place to taste local cuisine in a marvellous mountain setting. Lake Coldai is one of the most beloved tourist destinations of the Agordino, the heart of the Dolomites

Lago Coldai | Alleghe | Civetta | Dolomiti

Lake Coldai can be reached both from Palafavera (Val di Zoldo) and from Alleghe; on the Agordino side, guests can access to the mountain area of the Civetta easily with the ski lifts, opened also during the Summer season, or by car or bus from the hamlet of Piani di Pezzè. From Piani di Pezzè, the path to Malga Pioda is always clearly visible. If you choose the ski lifts, from Col dei Baldi, the arrival station of the cable car, all the way to Malga Pioda is on flat road. From Malga Pioda, the Sentiero CAI 556 leads to Lake Coldai, on a former military road which is nowadays part of the worldwide famous Alta Via delle Dolomiti 1, reaching Rifugio A. Sonino al Coldai (commonly known simply as Rifugio Coldai) and subsequentely Lake Coldai after a simple mountain pass.

For well-trained excursionists, a wonderful alternative to reach the Lake Coldai is the Ru de Porta hiking trail, that connects Piani di Pezzè directly to the Val Civetta. This path, which is in some parts equipped with ropes and rungs, winds in a marvellous narrow valley that ascents vertically to the lake.

The area is a UNESCO Protected Site and it’s compulsory here to keep a respectful behavious, by avoiding to swim in water and abandoning garbage around. 


Tourist information office: 

Ufficio Turistico di Alleghe
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