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Falcade Geological Garden (Dolomites)

Falcade Geological Garden (Dolomites)

Falcade Geological Garden

Falcade | Agordino Dolomites


The Falcade Geological Garden (Italian: Giardino Geologico di Falcade), also known as the Falcade Alpine Garden, is a small yet interesting educational site of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage located right in the center of the charming Dolomite village of Falcade, a few steps far from the Town Hall on Piazza Municipio.


Falcade Alpine Garden
The Falcade Alpine Garden on the occasion of the transhumance festival “Se Desmonteghea”

The Falcade Geological Garden has been created in 2005 with the aim of providing the Guests of the Dolomites, in a simple and immediate manner, with the main geological, floreal and landscape features of the Dolomiten, with a special focus on the Val Biois Valley, to which Falcade belongs.

The representation conveyed by the installation is illustrative but very effective: the location within the Falcade Alpine Garden of some porphyritic boulders represents the well-known Südtirol Porphyry Platform, the 750 square chilometer footing of magmatic origin that crosses the Dolomites from Bozen to the Conca Agordina and that characterizes the Dolomite landscape with its shades, profoundly different from the pale dyes of the dolomite rocks. In addition to porphyry, local peculiar rock formations are well-explained by the amazing Falcade Geological Path, subject of one of our Articles available here.

In addition to the mere geological aspects of the Falcade Alpine Garden, the site also highlights some of the most representative plant species of the Val Biois and of the UNESCO Dolomites, like for instance stone pine, mountain pine, larch, spruce, beech, and many others.

The Falcade Geological Garden is always open to the public free-of-charge and throughout the whole year. The site has been enriched in recent times with a nice wooden promenade that allows tourists to cross the garden without stepping on grass and flowers. A small Alpine lake completes this interesting attraction. On site there are several parkings, both free and with fee, and being in the town center, restaurants, bars and stores are within a few meters. Throughour the year, the Falcade Alpine Garden also houses small art ot photo exhibits; take a look at the Event Calendar for more information.


Tourist Information Office:

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