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El Cor, The Dolomite Heart (Dolomites)

El Cor, The Dolomite Heart (Dolomites)

El Cor

The real Dolomite Heart | Taibon Agordino, Dolomites




El Cor” (“The Heart” in Agordino dialect) is a spectacular Dolomite heart-shaped rock located on the Pala dei Balconi (Pale di San Martino, 3rd of the 9 official Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site), on the portion of peak that overlooks the splendid Val d’Angheraz in the territory of the Municipality of Taibon Agordino, in the Province of Belluno, Veneto Region.

Probably one of the most renowned natural attractions of the Conca Agordina and a powerful symbol of the whole Agordino area, El Cor is one of that one-of-a-kind things that every mountain lover should visit at least one time in life. 



Although the Agordino people are perfectly aware of the uniqueness of this attraction (it doesn’t happen every day to bump into a perfect heart-shaped natural heart, and above all in such a marvelous and suggestive natural scenario), the paths that lead to El Cor are barely marked and are definitely very challenging. This choice, some time matter of discussion, depends on two factors: first of all, the aim is to prevent every kind of hiker (this means, people with inadequate physical preparation or experience) to face a path that can be really dangerous. Secondly, the aim of keeping it secret is to prevent it to get ruined by man (pictures of people standing on it are always matter of hard quarrels and discussions on social media).

Being anyway a unique attraction. unparalleled in the context of the Alps, the chances to reach El Cor are not lacking also to foreign guests and hikers. By hiring a local Mountain Guide, the success (and security) of the adventure is guaranteed, and, trust us, to find yourself in that place is definitely a unique experience. 




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