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Cascata dell'Inferno (Dolomites)

Cascata dell'Inferno (Dolomites)

Cascata dell’Inferno

Taibon Agordino | Agordino Dolomites


The Cascata dell’Inferno (literally “Hell’s Waterfall“) is a striking waterfall of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site formed by the Bordina Stream (tributary of the Tegnas River) located in the marvelous, wide San Lucano Valley (Valle di San Lucano) in the Municipality of Taibon Agordino, in the Italian Province of Belluno, Veneto Region.


Cascata dell'Inferno Dolomites
Cascata dell’Inferno in winter

The particularity of the place and its consequent fame derive from the spectacularity of the setting in which the Cascata dell’Inferno finds itself. Located in the valley floor of the San Lucano Valley, in a narrow ravine at the foot of Mount Pape, the waterfall stands out for the complex geological structures that make it up. The water of the Bordina Stream erodes in this point a narrow valley and near the waterfall it forms a very spectacular rocky amphitheatre. Furthermore, the hydraulic work also exposes the different polychromatic sedimentary layers that built up the rocky amphitheatre in a very suggestive way. The Cascata dell’Inferno is particularly impressive in winter, when the waterfall is adorned with impressive ice stalactites immortalized in many shots.

The Cascata dell’Inferno can be reached easily from the hamlet of Col di Prà in Taibon Agordino; an ample, free parking lot is available near the camping area. From this point it’s easy to take the CAI Path 767 / 761 on mule track that leads to Pont (following the trail signs to Malgonera / Doff / Casera Campigat / Forcella Cesurette); short after the start, trail signs to the waterfall can be seen on the right side of the mule track before arriving in Pont.

The final part of the trail that leads to the base of the waterfall needs a little bit of attention; the path is steep (although very short) and it requires good familiarity with mountain trails and agility, above all during winter. But apart from this, the Cascata dell’Inferno is definitely worth a visit, if you are around and if you can; further information is available at the contacts of the local tourist information office (see below).


Tourist information office:
Ufficio Turistico di Agordo
Tel. +39 437 62105


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