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Barezze Waterfall (Dolomites)

Barezze Waterfall (Dolomites)

Barezze Waterfall (Cascata delle Barezze)

Falcade | Agordino Dolomiti


Another interesting must-see natural attraction of the Agordino area, the Heart of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, is the enchanting Barezze Waterfall. It’s a marvelous waterfall, almost a dozen feet high, formed by the Gavon River not far from the historical hamlet of Sappade (Municipality of Falcade, Province of Belluno, Veneto Region). Easily reachable on comfortable asphalt road, the Barezze Waterfall is a beloved destination for families visiting the Val Biois.

The origin of the Barezze Waterfall is to be found in the different hardness of the quartz porphyry on which the Gavon stream winds: in this point the stream meets a layer of softer rocks which are more subjected to mechanical erosion. In this place, water and rocks have dug the hole visitors can admire today.

The area of the Barezze Waterfall has been recently renewed through the placing of new info panels and the remaking of the acces path to the waterfall. The Barezze Waterfall corresponds to the seventh stage of the Falcade geological path, a thematic route dedicated to the geological formation of the Marmolada Group (click here to read our review of the Falcade geological path). The Barezze Waterfall can be reached with a very easy walk from the hamlet of Sappade in Falcade; this hike is generally suitable for all the kind of guests and it offers also charming views on the Pale di San Martino and on the peaks of the Marmolada Group.


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