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Cadini del Brenton (Dolomites)

Cadini del Brenton (Dolomites)

The Cadini del Brenton

Val del Mis | Parco Nazionale delle Dolomiti Bellunesi



The Cadini del Brenton (from the Belluno variation of the Italian term “catini”, which means erosive potholes) are natural cylindrical hollows dug by the erosive work of the water of the Brenton Stream located in the protected area of the Belluno Dolomites National Park between the Municipalities of Gosaldo and Sospirolo in the Province of Belluno, Veneto Region, in Italy.


Cadini del Brenton

The Cadini del Brenton are not the unique example of such phenomenon in the Dolomites area, but due to the great accessibility and the comfort granted by some nearby facilities are definitely the most popular and renowned in the context of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

The genesis of the Cadini del Brenton is due to the coincidence of three natural causes: the presence of many consecutive cracked rock shelves with differenza degree of resistance to erosion; the mechanical, vortical work of water, prolonged throughout the geological eras; the natural acidity of water thanks to the presence of carbon dioxide, that reacts with the carbonic rocks of the riverbed.

Cadini del Brenton

The path that allows visitors to enter the Cadini area shows 10 different potholes of different shapes and dimensions. Guests can enter the area from the entrance to the Parco Nazionale close to the bridge on the Mis river in Val del Mis; entrance is free. At the entrance, tourist can find an Info Point to get further information about the area from the National Park staff and can visit a small but interesting botanic garden that explains the fears of the local flora and fauna.

The Cadini del Brenton, although attractive in this sense, are a non-bathing area. If spotted, bathing people are subjected to penalty. The reason behind this choice, as one can think, is of course to preserve the area as much as possible from human contamination and to promote a respectful behavior towards nature, which is the main aim of the National Park itself.

The area of the Cadini del Brenton can be visited at best during the summer season, as in winter time the path may be covered in snow or ice that makes the accessibilità difficult in some points. In summer, moreover, many restaurants and facilities are open to the public, like the restaurant La Soffia (almost a kilometer far from the Cadini area, on the other side of the Mis Lake), the Pian Falcina resting area (two kilometer south towards Sospirolo) and the Pit Stop Panini close to the entrance of the area.

Bar La Soffia

The Natural Guides of the National Park are at your disposal to let you discover all the secrets of the protected area of the Cadini del Brenton. The area is highly recommended to families, since very easy to enter. However, considering the features of the path, an adequate mountain equipment (including good hiking shoes and clothes) are necessary to comfortably experience your visit in the area.

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