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Gares Valley Biotope (Dolomites)

Gares Valley Biotope (Dolomites)

Gares Valley Biotope

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The Gares Valley Biotope (Biotopo della Valle di Gares in Italian) is a didactic-touristic area of significant naturalistic interest located nearby the hamlet of Pian de le Giare in the beutiful Gares Valley, Municipality of Canale d’Agordo, Province of Belluno (Veneto Region).


Gares Valley Biotope

This is a circumscribed area of the valley floor entirely dedicated to the explanation and depiction for tourist and educational purposes of the local floral and faunal species of this charming natural oasis of the Pale di San Martino, in the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. A small and pretty mountain lake, located a few steps away from the parking lots of Pian de le Giare and the Restaurant Capann a Cima Comelle, depicts a partly swampy and partly spring area. The first one is the habitat of some interesting amphibious species of the Alps, among which there’s the mountain frog and the alpine newt; the meadows in the valley floor are the dwelling place of the alpine salamander. Furtermore, there are several reptile species like the marshy marass, the vivipara lizard and the orbit. The biotope area and generally the whole Gares Valley are furthermore the ideal dwelling place for several species of birds, such as the black woodpecker, the tit and the redstart, the white wagtail and many birds of prey.

The Gares Valley Biotope is open all year long and free for everybody; of course, the recommended season to visit this attraction is the period that goes from June to the end of October. The charming lake is equipped with a nice wood promenade that surrounds it and that allows guests to observe the area from different positions. The parking of the area requires a small fee, used entirely for the cleaning and the maintenance of the place.

Not far away from the Gares Valley Biotopo, guests can find the cozy Cima Comelle Restaurant, several nice walks and hiking trails in the valley floor, some more challenging paths that go up to the surrounding Dolomites peaks and other interesting sporting offers. The Gares Valley is connected to Canale d’Agordo thanks to a wonderful 7-km cycle path.


Tourist information office:

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