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Cime d'Auta (Dolomites)

Cime d'Auta (Dolomites)

Cime d’Auta

Val Biois | Agordino Dolomites


The Cime d’Auta (2623 meters above sea level) are a beautiful mountain range of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site located between Val Biois and Val Pettorina in the Agordino area, Province of Belluno, Veneto Region, Italy. 


Cime d'Auta (Marmolada Group) Dolomites UNESCO

Cime d'Auta Dolomites Italy

The Cime d’Auta belong, according to the SOIUSA International Classification of the Alps, to the Subgroup of the Auta Mountain Range, which is one of the 7 subgroups of the Marmolada Group, the so-called Queen of the Dolomites. According to the UNESCO Foundation classification, the Cime d’Auta are part of the 2nd of the 9 official Dolomites UNESCO System, which is the Marmolada System

The peaks of the Cime d’Auta are the marvelous frame of the nothern part of the Val Biois, and particularly of the village of Falcade, from which guests enjoy the best view on the mountain range from the valley floor. Cime d’Auta are indeed one of the most popular mountains among the visitors of the Biois Valley, together with Focobon, Mulaz and Civetta

Cime d'Auta | Agordino Dolomites

Popular bikini destination, Cime d’Auta are crossed by a dense net of amazing hiking routes (CAI Path 696, 687, 684, 689, Alta Via delle Dolomiti 2) and are one of the stages of the Alta Via dei Pastori (literally the “Shepherds’ High Route”, the striking and fascinating multiday hike that surrounds the most representative Alpine pastures of the Val Biois). Furthermore, Cime d’Auta offer one beloved via ferrata, which is the Ferrata Paolin-Piccolin on the Western Auta. 

Cime d'Auta in the Dolomites Italy

From West to East, the Auta mountain range is formed by the following mountain passes and peaks: Passo del Col Becher (that separates Barbagin from Col Becher); Mount Barbagin (2524 meters above sea level), Auta Occidentale (2602 meters above sea level), Focella di Medil (that separates Auta Occidentale from Auta Orientale), Auta Orientale (2623 meters above sea level),  Focella del Lech dei Giai (or Lach dei Negher), Crepa Rossa (2286 meters above sea level) and Forcella Pianezze, that separates the Aute from the Cime di Pezza. Toward North, overlooking the Val Pettorina and the Marmolada, there’s the Mont’Alto di Auta  (2545 meters above sea level), a wonderful panoramic terrace on the imposing southern wall of the Queen of the Dolomites.

Cime d'Auta Dolomites Alps Italy
Lach dei Negher / Lech dei Giai
Cime d'Auta
Marmolada from the Mont’Alto di Auta

Cime d’Auta house some wonderful natural attractions of the Agordino area; the charming Lach dei Negher (which is called Lech dei Giai on the Val Pettorina side) is one of these; the beautiful Alpine lake is among the most beloved hiking destinations of Val Biois and Val Pettorina. Furthermore, Cime d’Auta are the ideal place to observe ibexes in their natural environment. The beautiful contrast between the Dolomite rocks and volcanic rocks of the area contributes to make these peaks even more charming and interesting. There is plenty of legends about the Aute, like the popular story of the Eivane. 

Cime d'Auta Dolomites UNESCO

Cime d'Auta Dolomites
View on the Catena dell’Auta, Civetta, Pelmo, Antelao from the Mont’Alto d’Auta

The Cime d’Auta area offers some excellent shelters: on the Val Biois side lies the famous Baita Col Mont, which is always open to everybody for free; along the Alta Via dei Pastori, there’s the Baita Giovanni Paolo I. Nearby Forcella Pianezze lies Baita Pianezza.

The ascent from the Val Pettorina‘s side is also beautiful; the paths of the area cross the wide Val Franzei and Val Franzedas, wild itineraries in enchanting surroundings at the foot of Mount Marmolada

Cime d'Auta Dolomites Alps Italy
Marmolada and Fop from the Cime d’Auta

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