Dal Cuore delle Dolomiti
Agordino Dolomiti


Agordino Dolomiti

What to see in the Agordino

Discover with us the Heart of the Dolomites!


In addition to the marvelous natural richness represented by the enchanting Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage, the Agordino area is rich in fascinating historical and natural treasures to be discovered and ejoyed.


Cosa vedere in Agordino, Cuore delle Dolomiti

The wild Heart of the Dolomites UNESCO offers indeed a wonderful and wide variety of natural attraction as well as an unexpected number of interesting historical buildings and monuments, some of which are the older or most important of the whole Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site area. Superbe peaks hide marvelous Alpine lakes, waterfalls, plateaus, mountain passes, curious erosive phaenomena and infinte natural beauties among the most representative ones of the whole Dolomite area.

The rich, centuries-old local history tells us many interesting stories about brutal fights between Empires for the control of this strategic place in the Heart of the Dolomites; palaces and mines testify in a lively and captivating way the thirst for wealth that leaded Venice and the Tyrol to dig into the bowels of the earth looking for precious metals.

Knowing this place means to enhance your knowledge of the Alps and the history of the wildest part of the Dolomites; a history that is undoubtedly less popular than the ones of the most popular mass-tourism locations of the Dolomites, but not less interesting or important. Check out the pages of our blog to discover with us how big is the Heart of the Dolomites.


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The Dolomites in the Agordino area

Caseras, Shelters,  Malgas & Rifugios in the Agordino area


History of the Agordino area – Sum up

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