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Zipline San Tomaso Agordino

Zipline San Tomaso Agordino

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The highest zip line in the Dolomites in San Tomaso Agordino

Conceived and built in 2012 by the Martello Teleferiche Company, the Zipline San Tomaso is an alternative and amusing tourist attraction that in a very short time has become famous and popular not only locally but rather in the whole Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site making a fundamental contribution for the tourism revival of the small Municipality of San Tomaso Agordino.

The Zipline San Tomaso is a zip wire composed of three pillars and two ropes for a total length of almost 1 mile (1.6 km) and an difference in altitude of almost 280 yards (260 m) from the staring point to the arrival point (which makes it the highest zip-line of the Dolomites); at the point of maximum slope the Zipline San Tomaso reaches the remarkable speed of 50 mph (80 kmph), always in complete safety and with a marvelous view on the majestic peaks of the 3rd official Dolomites System and above all on the beautiful Mount Civetta.

Thanks to the proximity of the well-known tourist resorts of Falcade in the Biois Valley and Alleghe in the Cordevole Valley. the Zipline San Tomaso has become a must see for the guests of the Agordino; at the cost of € 25.00 (that includes the transport costs to the starting point and it is thus a very affordable price), guests can enjoy a marvelous adventure: just read the reviews of those who have tried to realize how satisfactory this experience can be.

Thanks to an additional government loan, soon the Zipline San Tomaso will be not only the “highest” but also the longest zip line of the Dolomites; the investment will be addressed indeed to the lengthening of the existing ropes for the benefit of users and for the enhancement of the prestige of this facility for the whole area. The Zipline San Tomaso is open usually in summer, this means from June to September, but contacting the managers it is possible that you may try this wonderful experience in other periods of the year (you’ll find contacts below).

If you’re spending a holiday in the Agordino area and if you’re looking for somthing unique and original to do, don’t forget to visit the amazing Zipline San Tomaso, the highest (and soon the longest) of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

Zipline San Tomaso Contacts:

Address: Al Pian, 1 – 32020 San Tomaso Agordino (BL) – Italy
Phone: +39 331 7905859 – +39 348 7131949

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