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The Ski Civetta is the wonderful ski area located at the foot of Mount Civetta [Pale di San Martino mountain range, 3rd of the 9 official systems of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site] in the Agordino and Zoldano areas, Province of Belluno; Mount Civetta, along with the Tre Cime di Lavaredo and the Cinque Torri is one of the most famous and recognizable peaks of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site and it is the true protagonist of this ski area. Ski Civetta is the widest ski area of the Province of Belluno and of the Veneto Region.

Logo Ski Civetta - Tutti i diritti appartengono a Consorzio Impianti a Fune Civetta
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Founded in 1982, Ski Civetta presents itself as a modern and dynamic ski area, suitable to young people and families; it is one of the 12 members of the Dolomiti Superski and it features 23 efficient ski lifts (including the brand-new Piani di Pezzè-Col dei Baldi cable car) and 43 perfectly groomed ski slopes for a total of 80 km of plain fun. The Ski Civetta Ski Area is equipped with an efficient artificial snowmaking system that guarantees amazing ski slopes during almost the entire winter; from 2015, Alleghe features a brand-new  latest generation snowmaking system. Furthermore, the Civetta ski area offers 5 km of illuminated ski slopes on the Foppe and Cristelin ski slopes for the night skiing in Val di Zoldo (the lighting system covers also the Zoldo Snowpark). Ski Civetta is connected to the Arabba – Marmolada ski area thanks to an efficient ski bus service; the ski area features 5 beginner areas and 5 different Ski Schools.


Ski Civetta consists of the ski resorts located in the three valleys that surrounds Mount Civetta: the Cordevole Valley with the resort of Alleghe; the Fiorentina Valley with the resorts of Selva di Cadore and Colle Santa Lucia; the Zoldo Valley with the resorts of Zoldo Alto and Forno di Zoldo.



The access point is located in the centre of the village of Alleghe and it is clearly visible from the main road SR203.

Selva di Cadore:

The access point is located in the hamlet of Pescul, the last residential area of the municipality of Selva towards Passo Staulanza and Val di Zoldo.


The access point is located in Palafavera immediatley after passing Passo Staulanza towards Val di Zoldo.

Val di Zoldo:

The access point is located in the centre of the hamlet of Pecol on Piazza Rodolfo Balestra in the Municipality of Zoldo Alto.


In addition to first-quality ski slopes, Ski Civetta features 2 amusing snowparks dedicated to the many snowboarders and freeskiers that every year choose Ski Civetta.


The snowpark of Alleghe, called Alleghe Central Park, is located on the ski slopes of the Ski CIvetta in the hamlet of Piani di Pezzè very close to the Rifugio Grande Baita Civetta and Rifugio Baita Scoiattolo; Alleghe Central Park features jumps, rails, fun boxes and the amazing Big Air Bag. This snowpark is served by the Baby 4-seater chair lift and by the Mariaz lift. The Alleghe Central Park is a snowpark suitable for beginners and mid-level riders with easy jumps, rails and fun boxes; the snowpark is equipped with the Big Air Bag, a huge air mattress which is very useful to learn new tricks before taking them on jumps. Alleghe Central Park offers 2 lines: the Medium Line has kickers from 3 to 8 meters; the Small training area has easy jumps and small rails. Usually, the Alleghe Central Park opens on the first week of January (weather permitting) and it stays open until the end of the season.



The Zoldo Snowpark is located in Pecol (Municipality of Zoldo Alto) not far from the Cristelin chair lift; it is a snowpark suitable for mid-level riders and it is served by an efficient lighting system for the use at night.

During the winter season, both snowparks hosts frequently freestyle events and contests open to everybody with music, gadgets and entertainment. Among the most interesting contests of the winter season there are the Kamikazen (a Japan-style freestyle party in Piani di Pezzè) and The Owl of the North (a freestyle contest both for snowboarders and freeskiers) in Alleghe and the amusing One Foot Contest at the Zoldo Snowpark.


Ski Civetta is one of the stages of the well-known Great War Ski Tour by Dolomiti Superski; the Great War Ski Tour retraces the places of the Great War in the Dolomites and it crosses thus the Civetta area, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Alta Badia and the Arabba-Marmolada ski area around the Col di Lana, the mountain which is universally considered the symbol of the Great War in the Dolomites.


The Ski Civetta ski area offers 18 cozy mountain huts (called in Italian “Rifugio”) and Après-Skis, all of which is furnished in the local traditional style, this means with a lot of wood and warm wood-burning stoves; each rifugio offers a wide range of local food of the Dolomites, from sandwiches made with the tasty “pastim” to more refined dishes. Ski Civetta offers also big events like the Slpash Party, the unmissable and lively end-of-the-season party or the European Day of Artisan Ice-Cream on the slopes of the Val di Zoldo. Ski Civetta hosts very often stands of big sports brands (Nordica, Head) that let guests try the ski equipment of the next winter season and ski shows in collaboration with other famous brands (like Burn Energy Drink and Ricola).



Forcella Alleghe [Blue]
Coldai [Blue]
Campo Scuola Mariaz [Blue]
Baby Cabinovia [Blue]
Collegamento cabinovia Alleghe – Piani Pezzè [Blue]
Coldai [Red] Rientro [Red]
Ru de Porta [Red]
Campo Scuola Baby [Blue]
Nera [Black]
Lavadoi [Red]
Pian dei Sec [Blue]
Baldi [Blue]
Belamont 1 [Blue]
Belamont 2 [Red]
Fernazza [Blue]
Civetta [Red]
Azzurra [Blue]
Roa Bianca [Blue]
Pelmo [Blue]

– Palafavera:

Cornia [Blue]
2000 [Red]
Duell [Red]

– Selva di Cadore:

Le Ciaune [Blue]
Fertazza [Red]
Col Fioret [Blue]
Forcella Pecol [Blue]
Forcella Pecol 2 [Blue]
Fontana Fredda [Blue]
Campo Scuola S. Fosca [Blue]
Cima Fertazza sx [Black]
Salere [Red]
Fertazza [Red]
Bait [Red]

– Val di Zoldo:

Campo Scuola Palma [Blue]
Casot [Blue]
Della Grava [Blue]
Crep [Red]
Campo Scuola “Campetto” [Blue]
Raccordo Casot [Red]
Palma [Red]
Valgranda [Red]
Laghetto [Black]
Foppe [Pista Nera – Served by lighting system]
Cristelin 1 [Red]
Cristelin 2 [Red – Served by lighting system]
Lendina [Blue]
Le Coste [Red]
Campo Scuola Campetto [Blue]
Grava 2 [Red]

Blue Slopes: 38%
Red Slopes: 54%
Black Slopes: 8%


Ally Farm – Alleghe
Zoldo Palma Ice Village – Val di Zoldo
Pian del Crep – Val di zoldo
Parco Divertimenti Mignolo – Selva di Cadore




a) Alleghe Funivie S.P.A.

Address: Corso Venezia, 3
32020 Alleghe (BL)

b) Ski Civetta Caprile

Address: Via Col di Lana
32020 Alleghe (BL)


Address: Località Pescul
32020 Selva di Cadore (BL)


a) Palafavera S.P.A.

Address: Località Palafavera
32010 Zoldo Alto (BL)


b) Val di Zoldo Funivie S.P.A.

Address: Piazza Rodolfo Balestra, 1
32010 Zoldo Alto (BL)



The seat of the Ski Civetta ski area is located in Via Col di Lana in the hamlet of Caprile (Alleghe) close to the crossroads in the centre of the hamlet: this office is the ideal place to obtain every information about the ski area.

Phone: +39 0437 721376 – Fax: +39 0437 721252- E-mail: info@skicivetta.com

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