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Perfectly groomed ski slopes and breath-taking landscapes


Logo of the ski area
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Logo of the Falcade and Passo San Pellegrino ski slopes


The Alpe Lusia – San Pellegrino (until 2015 known as “Trevalli“) is an extraordinary and fascinating ski area belonging to the Dolomiti Superski (12th area) and located on two different provinces, that is Belluno and Trentino in the Trentino – Südtirol Region; the access to the Alpe Lusia – San Pellegrino ski area as for the Agordino is the Municipality of Falcade in the Biois Valley; access to the ski area is possible also from Passo San Pellegrino, Moena and Lusia in Val di Fassa.

Pale di San Martino mountain range

The Alpe Lusia – San Pellegrino ski area offers to its guests up to 100 km (60 Miles) of always perfectly groomed ski slopes, as imposed by the high standards of quality of the Dolomiti Superski, and 26 modern and efficient ski lifts, among which the brand-new 8-seat cable car Falcade – Le Buse (built in 2015). The Alpe Lusia – San Pellegrino ski area offers furthermore 3 amusing snowparks (the Falca Park in the hamlet of Le Buse, the SanPe Snowpark on the Passo San Pellegrino and the Morea Snowpark at the Alpe di Lusia) and the thrilling Col Margherita Freeride Park, an amazing backcountry skiing area located on the north wall of the Col Margherita: it is the only example of a similar area in the whole Dolomiti Superski; moreover, Alpe Lusia San Pellegrino offers boarder cross slopes and timed slopes. The jewel in the crown of the Alpe Lusia – San Pellegrino ski area is definitely the wonderful “Pista degli Innamorati” (the Lovers’ Slope), a marvellous 10-km ski slope that connects the top of the Col Margherita with the valley floor in the hamlet of Molino in Falcade with an astonishingly beautiful view on the peaks of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site that surround the Biois Valley (that is the peaks of the 3rd official Dolomites System according to the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation). The area has furthermore many cozy mountain huts that offer the well-known tasty dishes of the local gastronomy.

Detail of the perfect ski slopes of Falcade
La nuova cabinovia Falcade - Le Buse
The brand-new Falcade – Le Buse cable car
La nuova cabinovia Falcade - Le Buse
The brand-new Falcade – Le Buse cable car

Ufficio skipass della nuova cabinovia Falcade - Le Buse

List of the Ski Slopes (Falcade-Passo San Pellegrino area):

Blue slopes: EASY Red slopes: AVERAGE Black slopes: CHALLENGING

Innamorati [Red Slope]
Laresei 1 [Red Slope]
Saline [Blue Slope]
Saline – Lago Cavia [Red Slope]
Malghette [Red Slope]
Laresei – Le Buse (panoramica) [Red Slope]
Laresei – Le Buse (plateau) [Red Slope]
Variante del Gigio [Blue Slope]
Skiweg Laresei [Blue Slope]
Campo Scuola Le Buse [Blue Slope]
Le Buse – Molino (Rossignol) [Red Slope]
Col Margherita – Lago Cavia [Red Slope]
Variante Caviazza [Black Slope]
Raccordo del Passo [Blue Slope]
Del Passo [Blue Slope] Le Coste [Red Slope]
Nuova Cima Uomo [Black Slope]
Col Margherita [Red Slope]
Campigol [Blue Slope]
La Volata [Black Slope]
Capanna Margherita [Blue Slope]
Le Caviette [Red Slope]
Costabella [Red Slope]
Campagnola [Blue Slope]
Fuchiade [Blue Slope]
artinet [Blue Slope]
Monzoni [Red Slope]
Panorama [Blue Slope]
Paradiso [Blue Slope]
Raccordo Ciadin – Costabella [Red Slope]
Raccordo Costabella – Ciadin [Red Slope]
Variante Monzoni [Red Slope]
Variante Ciadin [Blue Slope]
Raccordo Monzoni [Red Slope]
Chiesetta [Blue Slope]
Ciadin [Red Slope]
Col Margherita Freeride Park [Black Slope]


Number of slopes: 37

Blue Slopes: 41%

Red Slopes: 49%

Black Slopes: 10%


Access points to the Alpe Lusia – San Pellegrino ski area for Falcade

1) Piazzale Molino in Falcade (departure station of the Falcade-Le Buse cable car);

2) Pian della Sussistenza on Passo Valles.


Ski Passes Office and Points of Sale in Falcade

a) Falcade – Hamlet of Molino Address: Piazzale Molino, 7 32020 Falcade (BL)

b) Falcade – Pian della Sussistenza

Address: Pian della Sussistenza 32020 Falcade (BL)

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