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Agordino Dolomiti
Horseback Riding in the Dolomites

Horseback Riding in the Dolomites

Agordino DolomitiHorseback riding in the Dolomites

Horse riding in Agordino



For the enthusiasts of horseback riding, nature of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site and animals, in Agordino there are 7 equestrian centers where guests can take riding lessons or take part in a marvelous tour on horseback to discover the beautiful trails in the woods of the area, surrounded by the superb spectacle of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The riding stables in the Agordino area offer a wide range of services geared to the needs of tourists and a complete service gained from years of experience and love for horses: every equestrian center in Agordino offers private lessons for beginners and experts, walks and horse trekking with guide, horse training, some activities with cute ponies for children and much more.

In summer (but also in certain winter seasons), the dense network of paths surrounded by nature in the Agordino area ensure a picturesque and rewarding setting for your horseback riding trips in the Dolomites, and certainly the instructors of the various stables know the best tracks and the most popular bridleways in the area. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, a nice ride on horseback in Agordino is an experience that will surely be appreciated by the whole family and that can give great emotions.


Horse riding centres & riding stables in Agordino:


  • Agordo: Maneggio Bries – Località Briès – Tel. +39 348 6604627

  • Canale d’Agordo: Dolomiti Ranch di Egle Deola – In Valle di Gares, località Pian de Giare – Tel. +39 333 4592888, egledeola@alice.it

  • Falcade: In Sella sulle Dolomiti – Piana di Falcade – Tel. +39 328 0811753 – insellasulledolomiti@libero.it

  • Voltago Agordino: Sarda Ranch – In the hamlet of Frassené – Tel. +39 338 7881787 

  • La Valle Agordina: PR Ranch – In the hamlet of Le Ronche – Tel. +39 348 3838739; +39 348 4352362; +39 328 1820 928 – dolomiticavallo@gmail.com

  • Rivamonte Agordino: Ranch Alle Roste -In the hamlet of Le Roste – Tel. +39 0437 69133 – Tel. +39 335 6952970 – info@ranchalleroste.com

  • Vallada Agordina: Centro Ippico Agordino “Club Le Piane”– Tel. +39 320 0577001 – +39 349 8763363 

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