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Agordino Dolomiti
"Emigranti" Provincial Astronomical Center

"Emigranti" Provincial Astronomical Center

Agordino Dolomiti“Emigranti” Provincial Astronomical Center

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The“Emigranti” Provincial Astronomical Center of the Municipality ofSan Tomaso Agordinolies in the municipal hamlet of Celat, close to the Town Hall and the Pro Loco Tourist Office. It is a marvelous planetarium, built in 2004, managed by the volunteers of the“Cieli Dolomitici” Association. The San Tomaso Agordino Astronomical Center offers a telescope with a 450mm lens for the direct observation of stars and planets and a didactic dome with projector that recreates the motion of over 2000 celestial bodies.


Centro Astronomico Provinciale "Emigranti"
The “Emigranti” Provincial Astronomical Center

During the night observation sessions with the telescope, the intensity of the publich lighting on the main square of San Tomaso Agordino is adjustable, so as not to interfere with the observation of the stars. The altitude, the position and the shortage of population of the village also have a positive impact on the observation of stars, given the very low light pollution.

The “Emigranti” Provincial Astronomical Center is open to the public with guided tours on Friday from 20:30 to 22:00 and on other dates on reservation (see contacts below). If you’re keen on astronomy, don’t miss a marvelous experience and visit the “Emigranti” Provincial Astronomical Center in San Tomaso Agordino!

Graffito di Dunio sul Planetario di San Tomaso
Graffito di Dunio sul Planetario di San Tomaso

Tourist information:

Associazione Cieli Dolomitici
E-mail: info@cielidolomitici.it

Pro Loco San Tomaso Agordino
Tel. +39 0437 598390
E-mail: proloco.santomasoagordino@gmail.com

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