Dal Cuore delle Dolomiti
Agordino Dolomiti
Climbing in the Dolomites

Climbing in the Dolomites


Agordino, the house of climbing

Climbing among the Giants in the wild Heart of the Dolomites


To sum up in just one page all the information regarding the history and the practice of rock climbing in the Agordino area is a hard task, almost impossible; between the 19th and 20th Centuries the heart of the Dolomites was the setting of some of the most exciting and brilliant achievements in the history of climbing.

The Agordino area can be considered one of the most known and appreciated world destinations thanks to the presence on its territory of some of the most fascinating and vertical peaks of the Dolomites area (Civetta, Agner, Marmolada and much more). After all, the wealth of vertical walls that climbing enthusiasts can find in Agordino has few, very few comparisons, not only in the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, but also in the entire Alpine range and even in the world. In fact a lot of climbers from all over the world choose the Dolomites as the ultimate proving ground to test their skills and abilities.


Parete Nord del Civetta, soprannominata "Regno del Sesto Grado" in ambito alpinistico
Parete Nord del Civetta, soprannominata “Regno del Sesto Grado” in ambito alpinistico

Climbing walls in Agordino

A short list of some boulder and climbing walls in the Agordino area

Agordo > climbing spots in Farenzena, Brustolade, Stresole, Crepa Negra > Info: Tourist Ofiice of Agordo, Tel. +39 0437 62105 – ufficioturistico@agordo.net

Livinallongo del Col di Lana and Arabba > Climbing wall in “Bec de Roces” Boulder “Sass de Beita” in Castello near the Castello di Andraz, Climbing wall In Valparola and boulder “Sass de Stria” near Passo Falzarego > Info: Tourist Office of Arabba, Tel. +39 0436 79130 – info@arabba.it

Canale d’Agordo > Boulders “Appigli Sotto il Muschio” in Valle di Gares near Pian de Giare, Climbing wall “Abisso De Dea” near Cascata Alta delle Comelle > Info: Tourist Office of Canale d’Agordo, Tel. +39 0437 1948030, prologo.canale@alice.it – info@prolococanale.it

Alleghe > Climbing wall Sass da le Bore in Caprile near road junction to Val Fiorentina > Info: Ufficio Turistico di Alleghe, Tel. 0437 523333, consorzio@alleghe.info

Cencenighe Agordino > Climbing wall “Falesia dei Mesaroz” in Cros de Not (reachable from Chioit) > Info: Tourist Office of Cencenighe Agordino, Tel. +39 0437 591549, prolococencenighe@gmail.com

La Valle Agordina > Climbing walls in Pian de Caleda near Passo Duran – Info: Tourist Office of La Valle Agordina, Tel. +39 0437 63928, prolocolavalleagordina@gmail.com

Voltago Agordino > Climbing walls and boulders in Laghetti near Frassenè, climbing wall “Spiriti dell’Aria” near Malga Luna – > Info: Tourist Office of Agordo, Tel. +39 0437 62105 – ufficioturistico@agordo.net

Rocca Pietore e Marmolada > Climbing wall “Sass de Rocia” in Ronche di Laste, climbing spots in Bosco Verde, Malga Ciapela and Passo Fedaia – Info: Tourist Office of Rocca Pietore, Tel. +39 0437 722777 – info@marmolada.com

Selva di Cadore > Climbing wall near the sports field of Santa Fosca (artificial wall with equipment rental and organized classes for kids and adults)> Info: Tourist Office of Selva di Cadore, Tel. +39 0437 720243, info@valfiorentina.it

Taibon Agordino > Climbing spots in Val Corpassa, Mezzocanale and Col di Peden > Info: Tourist Office of Agordo, Tel. +39 0437 62105 – ufficioturistico@agordo.net

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