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The Agordino territory,  Heart of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, is inextricably bounded to the tourist reception. Since the dawn of tourism in the Dolomites, the Agordino area and its resorts have played indeed a key role in tourism welcoming, developing the first hotels and taverns and consequently the first services addressed to tourists of the whole area of the Pale Mountains. 


From the first explorations to the top of the Dolomites peaks starting from the 19th Century, going though the famous 1956 Cortina d’Ampezzo World Olympic Games, through the years of the economic boom up to the well-deserved recognition as UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 2009: the history of Tourism in the Dolomites are bounded to the Cordevole Valleys that have undoubtedly contributed to the development, prestigious and reputation of the Dolomites as the world’s most famous mountain tourism resort. 

Alleghe and Caprile, Arabba, Selva di Cadore, Passo Giau, Falcade, Marmolada: well-known place names, consolidated tourist resorts that are celebrated every year by the visit of hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. But the Agordino is much more than this: the area is plenty of charming, barely unknown mountain villages, untouched and pristine places that are experiencing their new Golden Age thanks to the tendency of modern tourism to look for tourism sustainability, original places, wonderful natural resorts far away from confusion, pollution and loud that characterize the clichés of mass tourism. 

A wide variety of hotels, holiday apartments, holiday houses, campsites, baite and lodges, farm holiday facilities and rifugios make the Agordino an easy place to be visited and enjoyed in all the situation: if you’re looking for the ideal accommodation for a comfortable family holiday in the Dolomites or the perfect spot for a thrilling, adventurous holiday made of hikes and climbing routes, the Agordino area has what you’re looking for. Are you curious to discover the Heart of the Dolomites? Let’s find out together what is suitable for you by choosing among a wide variety of accommodation facilities! 



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