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Val Cordevole (Cordevole Valley)

Val Cordevole (Cordevole Valley)

Agordino DolomitiVal Cordevole

The grandeur of the Dolomites at the foot of the Civetta



In a broad sense, the term Val Cordevole can be referred to the area interested by the course of the Cordevole River and thus to the whole Agordino area from Passo Pordoi to the Canale di Agordo south of Agordo; in a more specific sense, Val Cordevole is that portion of Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site located in High Agordino between the southern hamlets of Livinallongo del Col di Lana to Cencenighe Agordino, with Alleghe (and San Tomaso Agordino) as its main center. This page is indeed referred ton this second meaning: the Val Cordevole boarders with the Val Pettorina and Valle di Fodom to the north, with Val Fiorentina to the east and with the Conca Agordina to the south. The Cordevole is the main river of the valley and Alleghe is the main tourist resort.


Mount Civetta

As for the Dolomites World Natural Heritage, the Val Cordevole is located in the enchanting context of the Pale di San Martino, San Lucano, Vette Feltrine and Dolomiti Bellunesi (the third of the nine official Dolomites Systems according to the Dolomiti UNESCO Foundation), with Mount Civetta as its main peak overlooking Alleghe and its beautiful lake; to the east, the Val Cordevole borders with the peaks of the Pelmo – Croda da Lago system, with the Marmolada on the west. Many other peaks of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site (Mount Pape, Mount Pelsa, Col di Lana, Averau, Nuvolau, Tofane, Antelao, Focobon, Agner, Moiazza) can be admired from the different corner of the valley.

Val Cordevole is a popular tourist resort both in summer and in winter: in winter, Alleghe is a direct access to the Ski Civetta ski area, one of the 12 ski areas of the Dolomiti Superski, through the Alleghe – Piani di Pezzè cable car. In summer, Alleghe is appreciated for its astonishingly beautiful lake and for the wide variety of sporting activities offered by the superb natural setting of the village. Alleghe is a small but very pleasant mountain town with a good variety of accommodation possibilities and a unique landscape.


Mount Civetta
Lago Coldai




– the Church of San Biagio in Alleghe;
– the Serenissima colomn in Caprile, an ancient Venetian artifact that marked the old boundary with the Tyrol;
– the Roman rock inscriptions on Mount Civetta (1st Century A.D.)


Other attractions:

– Dolomites (Civetta, Pelsa, Sasso Bianco, Piz Zorlet);
Lago di Alleghe (Lake of Alleghe);
Ski Civetta ski and summer area;
– Alta Via 1 delle Dolomiti;
Civetta Adventure Park;
Ice Kart Civetta;
– Events: Transcivetta Karpos, Alleghe Splash Party, BaiteAperte, Barche Illuminate;
“Alvise de Toni” Ice Arena;
– Climbing routes on the Civetta;

–  Zipline Civetta


Folklore and fun:

– San Biagio’s Patronal festival;
– Barche Illuminate sul Lago.



Tourist Information office:

Ufficio Turistico di Alleghe
Tel. +39 0437 523333
E-mail: consorzio@alleghe.info


“The Vatican” in Celat (San Tomaso Agordino)
Zipline Civetta in San Tomaso Agordino
Civetta and Pelmo from Piz Zorlet


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